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How to configure TVU Channel settings tutorial

Welcome to TVU Channel

How to configure TVU Channel settings tutorial

This tutorial will help you configure the initial settings for a new channel:

1. In the first field, enter a custom Channel Name for the channel.

2. Next, we’ll need to set the output Format for your channel. This is the video resolution and frame rate that will be sent for your channel video output. You can check with your output destination provider to find out which output format options will work best for your content and network setup.

3. Next, if you want to add a channel logo to help quickly identify your channel, click the Plus icon and upload an image (.png, gif, or jpeg) file from your computer.

4. Next, we’ll need to confirm your location for connecting to TVU Channel. To select the closest server center, click the Region drop-down menu and select the closest region to your location for the best performance.

5. If you are creating your first channel, you can skip over the Show folders field. These folders can be created later in TVU Channel to help you organize your media files. 
Note: If you have already created some folders, you can select them in this drop-down menu to add them to your new Channel.

6. Finally, let’s set your Broadcast Day start time. By default, your scheduled broadcast day starts at midnight, but you can use this menu to start at a different time, for example at 5am.

7. Click the button to finish creating your channel.