Remember when on-air announcers actually had to be AT the event?

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The future of commentary is in the cloud

Professional, high-quality sports and event commentary can be delivered — literally from anywhere — with TVU Remote Commentator.

Your on-air talent can call the action from their homes, hotel rooms, offices – wherever there’s an internet connection. And, since they won’t have to travel to the venue, they’ll even be available to do multiple events in the same day.

Using a simple browser-based interface on a laptop or smart device, TVU Remote Commentator allows talent to simply login and become part of the production. Talent sees a low-latency, high quality preview of the event and can add commentary that’s 100% in sync with the program, thanks to TVU’s autosync technology.

On-air teams interact like they’re standing next to each other

The banter between members of on-air teams is a critical part of your production. TVU Remote Commentator accommodates this need no matter where each member of the team is located.

Each participant logs into the production interface and sees the same stream, synchronized over a TVU-powered low-latency connection – letting them interact in real-time.

They can hear each other with full mix-minus capability AND they can also see each other on a private back channel. It’s the ideal virtual setting, enabling them to react to each other and note critical body-language queues.

Need commentary in multiple languages? No problem.

International events that require multiple language feeds are a perfect fit for TVU Remote Commentator. The system supports multiple, independent audio channels allowing for easy creation of independent groups for each language or category.

All groups see the same live feed, but members of each group will only see and hear the other members of their commentary team. On the output side, localized commentary feeds are routed to separate audio channels in perfect sync with the video.

Easy setup. No expensive equipment required.

It’s no longer necessary for talent to be on location or utilize expensive REMI setups. Remote Commentator runs smoothly on a basic consumer-grade laptop with a connected microphone.

Even better – the simple, cloud-based platform is ready to go fast and you only pay for the time you use the system.

One-man band? Looking to multi-task?

As powerful and unique as Remote Commentator is, it only scratches the surface of easily accessible live production tools from TVU. Because it’s a lightweight, cloud-based microservice, Remote Commentator is easily paired with TVU’s full suite of production tools like TVU Producer and TVU Partyline, opening the door to control of full scale, high-quality, multicamera productions from anywhere.

Additional Features


VFB from Receiver via SDI or IP

Simply select any feed from TVU Receivers and integrate with your broadcast facility.

Audio Mixer

Get extraordinary audio with web based audio mixer for level control, audio channel mapping on SDI OUT, recording, and mute/unmute.

Schedule Service

Effortlessly create events with predetermined start and end time, VFB source and channel output selection.

Cloud Based

Sessions are created and managed on the cloud which eliminates the need for expensive hardware or software.