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How to use TVU Partyline for remote collaboration and conferencing for live video production

Learn how to use the remote collaboration and conferencing features in TVU Partyline, the cloud-based live video conference platform for live production. Initiate and host a common party using a Chrome browser on a PC or Mac. Participate in the party using your iPhone or Android device and the TVU Anywhere app.

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TVU Partyline - cloud video conferencing

What is ISO Recording and how to use the feature in TVU Producer

Using the ISO Recording feature in TVU Producer, you can record each camera source independently of other feeds and final program output in a live video. ISO recording is very helpful for post-production activities. In Post Production, Publishers or Studios are constantly looking to package and repackage content not just for TV, but for mobile apps and social media platforms, find out more.

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How to use the ISO Recording feature in TVU Producer

How to use Voice over IP (VoIP) with TVU Anywhere mobile app. to communicate with your remote journalists

Learn how to enable talkback (VoIP) between the studio and field operator using the TVU Anywhere mobile streaming app. during a live broadcast. TVU Anywhere not only allow for high quality H.265 live video transmission, but comes with integrated intercom to allow bi-directional communication.

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Intercom VoIP live video transmission - TVU Anywhere mobile broadcast

How to use Video Feedback Return (VFB) with TVU Anywhere mobile streaming app.

Learn how to use Video Feedback Return (VFB) to initiate a return video feed from a remote source on the TVU Anywhere app. while simultaneously transmitting your live video feed. Ensuring professionally-produced and smoothly-run live broadcasts at a fraction of the cost of traditional transmission methods, such as satellite and fiber.

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Video Return enables field crews to get constant live feeds from the broadcast studio

How to use Picture-in-Picture (PIP) with TVU Producer cloud production platform

TVU Producer allows you to add a wide range of overlays and multiview modes, including picture-in-picture (PIP). Using PIP, you will be able to stream two live feeds simultaneously to make your broadcast or live streaming more interactive.

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Picture in Picture (PIP) Live Streaming - Cloud Remote Production

How to ingest IP video sources into TVU Producer cloud production platform

TVU Producer allows you to add into your live stream production multiple IP video sources at the same time, such as Youtube IP stream, RTMP, RTSP as well as sources from other TVU devices.

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How to add unlimited number of participants to your live program with TVU Token

You can easily activate or de-activate users by creating a QR code called a TVU Token. You can set the validity duration as well as the corresponding live program for each code, and easily share it with the users you want to have on your live streaming or broadcast.

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Add unlimited number of participants and fans to your live streaming

How to use your TVU One transmitter as a hotspot for your TVU Anywhere mobile app.

You can connect your smartphone to a TVU One HotSpot by simply scanning the QR Code (or Token) accessible within the TVU One user interface.

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