Broadcast Live With Your Mobile Smart Device

Designed to turn your portable smart device or laptop instantly into a transmitter, TVU Anywhere is a powerful app for capturing and streaming live video from anywhere, delivering picture quality usually reserved for more expensive professional video equipment. TVU Anywhere is easy to use – just download the app to your smartphone or laptop, open the application and start streaming video. TVU Anywhere uses your smart device’s 3G/4G/LTE wireless connection and WiFi when available to stream live video to a TVU Server video decoder.

Stream HD Video Like a Pro

TVU Anywhere uses TVU’s proprietary Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) technology when aggregating all available 3G/4G/LTE and WiFi bandwidth for streaming to ensure a superior picture. Go live instantly and monitor and control the stream from an easy-to-use interface. Choose an optimal resolution and frame rate, touch the screen to automatically focus the camera or use the flash for nighttime streaming. Key status information such as real-time transmission rate and live streaming time are easily accessible on-screen.

TVU Anywhere also features remote pan-and-zoom allowing an operator in a studio to control the camera remotely without intervention from the user in the field. Pan-and-zoom control allows for professional camera framing and exposure without degrading the HD picture quality.


“TVU Anywhere is a must-have for each of our reporters that has a company phone. When news breaks, if you’ve got your phone, and you’re there, you can get some compelling video. It’s a great tool. You couldn’t ask for more from a breaking news standpoint to be able to get fast, great looking live video using your phone.”

Download the data sheet here

Download the case study here

Apple iOS and OS users can download TVU Anywhere from the Apple App Store.

Android users can download TVU Anywhere For Android devices here.