Incredible Internet anywhere

The portable Internet access point that delivers up to 200Mbps of secure, high-speed connectivity, wherever and whenever.

Superior bandwidth connection.

TVU’s patented IS+ technology aggregates multiple communication links including 4G, LTE, cable, satellite, Ethernet and Wi-Fi to ensure the highest level of stability and reliability every time. It’s what makes TVU Router different and better.

Ready to go whenever you need.

Quick setup and easy configuration make it possible to have TVU Router up and running in just moments. It’s versatile with a wide variety of ways to deploy the device, so you can use it anywhere.

Unlimited capabilities.

Transfer and receive files, stream videos, browse the web or use any IP-connected device or service to pass data.

Find the best fit.

The entry-level TVU Router runs on TVU Nano, an ultra-portable and affordable model ideal for users with basic network access needs. The professional grade TVU Router platform runs on TVU One, built with a more rugged design and meant to provide network access in more challenging environments, like in a moving vehicle or a crowded metropolitan area.

Integration with popular applications.

TVU Router works with high-speed file transfer apps like Aspera and FileCatalyst to provide the highest level of performance. Additionally, TVU Router supports Panasonic’s line of AVC-ULTRA camcorders and P2 Cast, its cloud-based news production system.

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