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New Ways to Produce Live, Remotely

Seamless multi-camera remote production
over IP with real-time talents collaboration
and fans participation.

Wireless | Remote Camera Control | Cloud-based |
5G | Perfect Synchronization | Intercom | Using Public Internet

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TVU Producer 3.0 – Cloud production with broadcast quality video conferencing

Produce thousands of live events with no hardware or software installed. Create multi-camera programs in minutes with zero latency, even with smartphones. Stunning live audience interaction with unlimited participants management and interaction between talents and production staff. Cutting edge graphics and Audio mixing. Safely stream on any digital platforms and SDI in one click.

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Cloud remote production with live video audience participation

TVU RPS – Frame accurate multi-camera REMI at-home production over IP

Within one single rack unit encoder at the venue and one rack unit decoder at the remote studio, you can connect up to eight live video feeds, send up to six live Full HD transmissions and two high quality video return feeds to your studio for frame-accurate, genlocked live production. Up to 16 audio channel per feed, sub-second latency down to 0.5 seconds using public internet. H.265 encoding optimizes data use.

TVU RPS daisy chain – for production with more than 6 cameras, simply synchronize additional encoders together at the venue.

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TVU Timelock – Wireless 4K/HDR At-Home remote production over bonded cellular

Completely wireless synchronisation of multiple live video sources using TVU One live video transmitters over LTE/4G/5G networks. Up to 1080p and 4K quality with low transmission delay, down to 0.5 seconds for perfect output to your studio for frame accurate switching and immediate production. Includes IP tunnel for video return, intercom, tally and remote control management.

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Additional multi-camera remote production solution allows up to four 1080P SDI sources to be transmitted fully frame synchronized using an optional adapter and TVU One V3. TVU IS+ and smart VBR encoding ensure the highest quality transmission via bonded cellular at up to 100MB per second.

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Discover TVU’s unique remote production offerings during social distancing

With extensive experience in LTE/4G/5G cellular bonding and managing public internet networks, TVU Remote Production solutions offers the very latest technologies for high quality remotely-produced multi-camera programmes. Regardless of the size and type of your event, a live press conference, a talkshow, an esport tournament, a news broadcast, a live sport game while connecting with fans at home, we will put together a high-quality solution that works for your production budget.

Clients have the flexibility to shoot and broadcast programmes from anywhere in the world using professional cameras or even smartphones, and produce from a remote studio or from their own home using our cloud production platform. All remote productions are delivered with the same high standard as a traditional outside broadcast setup, while reducing the personnel and equipment sent on locations. The programme can then subsequently be distributed to audiences across the globe.

Seamless Live Production with TVU Remote Production Solutions

reliable intercom multi camera production communication

Reliable Intercom

Supports bi-directional IFB management to ensure effective and seamless communication from any location.

Video return live broadcast remote production

Video Return

Get high-quality, low latency video feed of the live program from the station via HDMI.

remote camera control from studio for multi-camera at-home production

Remote Control

Control any IP equipment in the field remotely from any location or studio through an IP tunnel.

Multi Camera remote production streaming with Tally Light

Tally Light Signal

Enable field reporters and camera operators to know instantly when they are live on air.

Unlimited fan participation with the highest quality interaction

Broadcast quality video conferencing made easy for even the most inexperienced users. Bring all remote production elements – personnel, talent and tools – together, seamlessly, in real time, to allow live audience interaction and behind the scene team collaboration with mix minus feed delivered on program output back to the remote talents. Move your physical studio to a virtual studio with TVU PartylineTM.

Watch a live demo of our remote production solutions

Discover how to make the most of TVU Networks innovations in Remote and Cloud video production to cover a wider range of events, wirelessly, from regular news broadcast to sports.