The only frame accurate multi-channel remote production, over the public internet

A powerful, cost-effective solution for at-home/REMI production.

Cut down costs by leveraging your existing studio infrastructure.

With TVU RPS, there’s no need for traditional methods of production like a costly production truck or large production crews. TVU RPS uses a public high bandwidth Internet connection to synchronize multiple live video sources for remote production.

Perfect multi-channel synchronization.

TVU RPS perfectly synchronizes up to six live transmissions and can send them to your studio for frame-accurate, genlocked live production.

TVU RPS Remote Production Solution for at-home broadcast

Secure transmission over IP.

HEVC / H.265 optimizes data use, and channel priority management allows you to choose which image gets priority in case of a bit-rate drop.

Communicate with the field.

Send up to two return video feeds out to the field. VLAN and TVU Voice facilitate quick and easy two-way exchange.

One solution, lots of benefits.

Support for return feeds and up to 16 channels of audio per SDI input. Compatible with TVU Producer, the cloud-based production solution.