Broadcast Solutions meets Drone Technology

An all star combination that delivers enhanced situational awareness for search and rescue , emergency and tactical operations.

Reliable drone-compatible HD live video

Get a superior HD picture without network problems with TVU’s patented IS+ technology. This unparalleled feature optimizes all available bandwidth to deliver broadcast-quality video regardless of the mission location. TVU One enables resilient, LIVE video from the drone to be transmitted to the command center at extremely low latency. TVU One live video transmitters are flexible, easy to carry, highly rugged and can be quickly deployed even in tough environments.

  • TVU One

Fast internet for mobile command centers

With TVU’s portable router, your mobile command center has access to up to 200Mbps of secure and reliable high-speed internet, making it easy to share information no matter its location. TVU Router can be upgraded to support Band 14 and FirstNet.

  • TVU Router

Keep teams informed with LIVE video

Get unmatched HD LIVE video-sharing capabilities either in the area of regard, or enroute to the scene at sub second latency with TVU Grid. It enables fast distribution of critical updates while giving you control over sharing capabilities making it easy to keep everyone informed. The solution has become indispensable for many Public Safety departments across the US.

  • TVU Grid

Secure real time video access for rapid action

During mission critical situations reliable video needs to be captured and transmitted LIVE not only to the command center, but also to the teams on the ground. With TVU Overwatch the personnel in the field can instantly access secure, LIVE video from any web browser with virtually no latency and without the need for a separate app. This provides actionable intelligence, without needing to rely solely on voice comms to maximize effectiveness and help save lives.

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