Live Video Transmission,
Cellular Bonding and AI

TVU mobile broadcasting solutions fundamentally
changed news reporting and live streaming,
enabling to transmit over IP high quality live video
enriched with metadata, from anywhere.

Wireless | Compact | 4G/5G Transmitter | Full HD
4K50-60p 10-bit HDR | Up to 100 Mbps
HEVC - H.265 Encoding | Low Latency

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Which live video transmitter for your live streaming or broadcast?

There are many options to stream a live video, from using the well-known Facebook Live and Youtube Live streaming solutions on your mobile phone, to setting up your ENG crews with multiple professional cameras and compact bonded cellular transmitters/encoders to feed synchronized 4K live video feeds back to an OB van or remote TVU studio.

TVU live video transmission solutions for every production budget and needs

The moment you plan to live stream outdoor with an unstable internet connection, or to capture high quality live footage wirelessly in a crowded event, TVU cellular bonding technology comes in handy. By aggregating all the possible data sources in your surrounding including cellular 4G/5G/LTE, you’ll create a high bandwidth signal to transmit full HD / 4K HDR video files with very low latency, using H.265 encoding to reduce data usage.

TVU offers a wide range of solutions, starting with the mobile live streaming app TVU Anywhere, a standard for most mobile journalists. Going up in range, the very compact 4K and 5G backpack transmitter – the TVU One – is able to transmit reliably the highest video quality to any TVU receiver (cloud-based or rack unit servers) around the globe. If you prefer a rack unit equivalent to live transmit from inside your fixed studio location, or from inside a moving OB van, TVU Mlink will also offer up to 4K encoding and sub-second latency streaming.

For highly congested environment, the portable TVU Router is a perfect addition to give you a superb internet boost to live stream faster than others without any glitches. Last but not least, TVU AI engine can simplify your ENG crews task assignment and accelerate production by receiving video file encoded in real-time with rich metadata.

Compact and Mobile Live Transmitters

If you simply need to stream from a smart mobile device (iOS, Android, Huawei), you can aggregate the cellular data from your SIM card with an additional hotspot/WiFi connection using the TVU Anywhere app. and easily live stream to multiple destinations at once using the cloud, or using a physical receiver for SDI output. The live broadcast app. includes multiple functions appreciated by mobile journalists such as video return, bi-directional IFB, split screen interview, H.265 encoding and more.

Learn more about the TVU Anywhere app >

If you are using professional camera, you will likely need to attach a wireless hardware encoder such as the very compact TVU Nano Video or the very powerful an easy-to-use TVU One bonded cellular pack that can stream up to 4K60p at 3Mbps in 10bit  HDR picture quality. With up to 12 data connection points, including 5G modems, and a 4.5 hour battery life, the TVU One makes it possible to go live under any conditions.

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Live video transmitter for live streaming over ip

Boost your bandwidth using TVU Router hotspot

The TVU Router is a portable Internet access point that delivers up to 200Mbps of secure high-speed connectivity, wherever and whenever. TVU’s cellular bonding technology and patented IS+ transmission algorithm aggregates multiple communication links including 4G, LTE, cable, satellite, Ethernet and Wi-Fi to ensure the highest level of stability and reliability for your live streaming and broadcast, every time.

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Video router over ip - portable internet router using bonded cellular

Real-time speech to text transcription

Reach out to a wider audience by automatically adding highly accurate subtitles to your live streaming in real-time. Perfect synchronization between video and closed captioning, with profanity prevention embedded.  TVU Transcriber supports over 100 languages and also include face recognition.

Learn more about TVU Transcriber >

Automated and detailed metadata tagging during live transmission will also benefit your live and recorded video indexing. It now allows you to search for any content down to the exact frame you need, greatly simplifying  the production of your stories.

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Live video transmission over ip for live streaming using AI and metadata

Seamless Live Video Transmission and Streaming with TVU Transmitters

Award Winning

Patented IS+ transmission algorithm and 2020 Emmy award winner. Simply the most reliable for broadcast and live streaming.

Video return live broadcast remote production

Video Return

Get high-quality, low latency (100ms) video feed of the live program from the station via HDMI.

reliable intercom multi camera production communication

Reliable Intercom

Supports bi-directional IFB management to ensure effective and seamless communication from any location.

Low Latency

TVU transmitters use less data and combat packet loss to achieve transmissions down to 0.5 seconds delay even in a moving vehicle.

All-in-one live transmitter, encoder, router, and remote production solution

The flagship TVU One live video transmitter can do a lot more than Full HD and 4K live video transmissions using H.265/HEVC encoding. Indeed, its 12 data connection points, including 4G and 5G modems, will transform this backpack into a powerful internet router, so you can use it as a hotspot to secure an important live broadcast in a congested area, or to transfer high-resolution video files back to the studio.

For multiple camera live streaming event, in full HD or 4K, you can synchronize several TVU One packs together for a flawless wireless remote production over IP. TVU One includes an IP tunnel for video return, intercom, tally and remote control management.

If you are looking for broadcast equipment rental, all our live video transmitters can be rented in any countries to help you live stream events or last minute breaking news.