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Manage all your live IP transmissions

Monitor and control all TVU solutions from one centralized, cloud-based platform, regardless of your location.

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Take any source live in one click

Start/stop the Live of a source in one click while keeping a global view of all your sources. Adapt the interface to your need, either by viewing all live sources at once, or by viewing all TVU Server information.

Guarantee your transmissions quality at all time with remote control.

Control from anywhere all TVU solutions. Adjust latency of all connected devices, synchronize your transmitters together for wireless remote production, remotely control smartphones camera and more.

Enable new users’ live feed in seconds by creating QR codes

Create event/time related or user related QR code to give the opportunity for employees and freelancers to provide their live feeds (using TVU Anywhere app), or gain access to your live feeds (using TVU Grid). Activate and deactivate these QR codes in one click.

Share directly on social networks

Distribute video over IP to a third party website or CDN, like YouTube Live and Ustream. Download clips from any TVU transmitter, and output edited clips to FTP or multiple video resources.

User profile management to simplify operations and reduce errors

Customize user profiles in your organization, automatically adjusting the interface to each user’s need. Manage permission levels for critical functions such as starting and stopping live transmissions.

Analytics to better optimize your live video transmissions

Detailed reporting on all your transmitters data consumption and frequency of use. Analyze the consumption difference between your H.264 and H.265 encoding devices.

Send Alerts for breaking news and automate your Schedule

Send breaking news notifications throughout your organization and on all connected TVU devices using the TVU Alert feature, and schedule live transmissions with TVU Booking.

Oversee your entire Media Supply Chain from one interface

Benefit from the entire TVU MediaMind ecosystem which add rich metadata to your live transmissions. View TVU Global Grid, the virtual marketplace where live videos are shared and sold in real time between media companies.