Live Event Production

State-of-the-art technologies that leverage public Internet to
produce engaging live video remotely.

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Wireless, synchronized multi-camera production

HD and UHD live transmissions to capture every detail. Go live in an instant, thanks to quick boot-time and intuitive deployment. Synchronize multiple TVU transmissions at the same latency, down to 0.5 seconds, so the crew can stay fully mobile at any venue.

  • One

  • TVU Server

Remote production made hassle-free

No need for traditional on-site trucks and production crews. Synchronized transmissions sent straight to your own studio for at-home/REMI cloud production, complete with graphic overlays, replays, slow motion and more. Leverage your resources and infrastructure, reduce your costs and deliver broadcast quality videos.

  • TVU Remote Production System (RPS)

Send live video to audiences everywhere

Frame-accurate, unlimited switching between multiple IP-based sources. Low-latency, high-quality live video distribution from one point to multiple others, regardless of location and distance. Push video to CDNs, social media and television with a single click. Scalable, so you can reach viewers anywhere.

  • TVU Grid

Get a bandwidth boost wherever you are

Access up to 200Mbps of secure, high-speed Internet from any venue. Share files, stream video, search the web and more. Flexible and reliable, so you can get the job done under even the most demanding of circumstances.

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  • TVU Router

Take fan engagement to the next level

Bi-directional audience participation, enabling fans to contribute their own live video to an event or hosted show in real time using the TVU Anywhere app. With picture-in-picture broadcast capability, fans can capture video and audio from their mobile device and participate live – regardless of location.


  • TVU Anywhere

  • TVU Talkshow

  • TVU Partyline

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One Live Video Transmitter 5G 4K Compact Remote Production - TVU Networks

The pinnacle in 5G live video transmission for both single and multi-camera setups. Astonishing 0.3s latency.

Mobile journalism 2.0. Broadcast in full HD with your smartphone.

Remote camera control. H.265 encoding to reduce data. PIP live streaming from your mobile device. Smart and secure.