esports using TVU Producer

TVU Producer – A Game Changer in eSports

“TVU Producer is an easy-to-use tool with a friendly, secure interface. It allows two or three people to produce the same program from different places and besides that has a great production capacity with good graphics power and videos. We believe that can be used in most common productions”

Igor Moraes
De Nadai

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De Nadai Live Solutions was founded in August 2019 in conjunction with De Nadai Equipamentos. The company has been operating in the market for over 15 years from the city of São Paulo. De Nadai is the first and only producer in Brazil with remote video production capabilities with the most modern equipment for broadcasting and producing live events.

De Nadai has been a longtime customer of TVU Networks. They have used TVU One, TVU’s portable video transmitter for broadcasts, streaming, and live video transmission, to cover marathons and soccer games and have used TVU RPS, TVU’s remote production system for live multi-camera synchronization using the public internet, to remotely produce a soccer match. TVU also supported all single transmission by checking the performance and functionality of the ecosystem prior to the transmission of the game as well as monitoring every single transmission for their control room, where De Nadai builds capabilities for remote productions from anywhere in the world.


De Nadai desired to host an eSports competition which usually would have taken place on-location in an arena with local crowds. However, due to COVID-19, live competitions in arenas were not permitted. This led to the cancellation of many scheduled eSports competitions. 

De Nadai had to find a way to remotely produce broadcast quality competitions with players, commentators and narrators working from different locations and deliver the program to the satisfaction of its sponsors and stakeholders.


TVU worked with De Nadai to implement TVU Producer, TVU’s cloud-based live video production platform, to help produce the first entirely cloud-based live production for the Brazilian Championship of CS:GO. De Nadai was also able to transmit live to one of the most important cable TV channels in Brazil producing 50 hours of transmission in over 16 days of competition. TVU Producer allowed approximately 10 staff members to work remotely versus working locally in a production control room.

Igor Moraes the CTO of De Nadai said “ The advantage of using TVU Producer was the product security. Because it is a cloud based production solution , we were able to connect the talent, commentor and the GC operator working from home. Another advantage was to be able to deliver the signal to another city using a common internet connection. We had a robust transmission, delivering the  signal directly to cable TV head-end.”  

De Nadai used three TVU Packs as sources, one RTMP feed and more than 10 video clips per production. They also used the dual-view capability and added graphics through the Singular Live integration. De Nadai delivered the signal to two different servers using TVU Grid and also delivered the feed to their YouTube channel. 

Added Moraes, “We are currently testing TVU Producer to be used in soccer match production.”