Sing Galing Kid Remote Production

Grand Finale of Popular Philippine Vocal Contest Casts Vote for TVU Networks as Stable Choice for Live, Remote Production

Competition Calls for Multi-Camera Shoot from Historic Venue; TV5 Selects TVU One Mobile Transmitter and TVU Transceiver

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For the finale of the popular vocal performance show, “Sing Galing Kids,” Philippine media company TV5, and our partner Northview Solutions, travelled to Manila’s renowned Metropolitan Theater for a special, live broadcast to determine the winner! The last two episodes of the season went live from the theater on consecutive Saturday’s in December. “Sing Galing Kids” is an offshoot of “Sing Galing” which has consistently been a top five rated show since it premiered in 1998.


Producers at TV5 needed a remote production solution that could handle multi-camera, live, remote production without any bandwidth bottleneck, connectivity delays or latency issues for this high-profile show. As these final two shows revealed the ultimate winner, capturing as much of the drama as possible was essential to the success of the finale. Multiple cameras would be set up to capture various perspective shots of the performers, judges and members of the audience.


After extensive research, TV5 discovered that TVU Networks had supplied IP-based remote production solutions for countless multi-camera live events held in sports venues, theaters, and other indoor venues across the globe. TV5 approached the TVU Philippines team to discuss the best solutions for this crucial live broadcast.


Based on its ability to aggregate up to a dozen data connections producing a stable network connection, the TVU One 5G??? mobile transmitter was selected to provide encoding and transmission from the theater to the TVU Transceiver/Server at the main TV5 studio. After switching, audio mixing, promotional video, subtitle and graphic insertion at a temporary studio on site at the theater, the main signal was output to the TVU One and then to the TVU Transceiver at the TV5 studio for decoding and simultaneous broadcast across TV5’s TV channels, website and social media platforms. TV5 owns 14 television stations across the country and provides national cable TV and satellite TV services.


“This finale was a big draw for TV5,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “They knew how important it was to have a smooth transmission. With our solution, they had a very successful, live, multi-camera broadcast – without any signal bottleneck and without support of dedicated lines, or satellite and microwave trucks. We couldn’t be happier with the results of the “Sing Galing Kids” finale.”


The TVU One can simultaneously aggregate up to 12 data connections: cellular 3G/4G/5G LTE, WiFi, Starlink, ethernet, Ka-band and Ku-band satellite, microwave and BGAN. It delivers high-quality live video over a 5G cellular bonded infrastructure. The mobile transmitter provides the ability to transfer live UHD quality video with sub-second latency and transmit at 100Mbps.


The TVU One mobile transmitters feature:

  • 5G transmission with unlimited 5G data
  • 4K HDR or 1080p HDR picture quality
  • Sub-second latency
  • The aggregation of all available data connections – cellular, 5G, WiFi, Ethernet, and satellite – to transmit broadcast-quality video from any location

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