The future of remote commentary is here

Commentary of live events has never been easier with TVU Remote Commentator.

It supports multiple audio channels, each channel can be used for a different set of commentators, such as a different language.

Each audio channel can have multiple audio commentators. TVU autosync technology ensures all commentators audio and video is perfectly synced with the main video feed, regardless their network latency and locations, even thousands miles away from the event venue.

Remote collaboration made easy

Multiple commentators located in multiple remote locations can join and collaborate on a single production.

All participants will see the same synchronized stream and can interact on the same low-latency connection fully synchronized.

They can not only hear each other with full mix-minus capability, but they can also see each other on a private back channel. This helps replicate talent interaction as if they are all in a commentary booth on location and not miss any critical body-language cues.

Connect from anywhere with no expensive equipment or complicated setup

With TVU Remote Commentator, it is no longer necessary for talent to be on location or utilize expensive REMI setups.

Using a simple browser based interface on a laptop or smart device, TVU Remote Commentator allows talent to simply login from virtually anywhere with a standard internet connection.

Talent sees a low-latency, high quality preview of the event and can add commentary 100% in sync with the program.

Create localized feeds simultaneously

When creating multiple language feeds for the same event, easily create independent groups for each language or category.

All groups see the same live feed, but members of each group only see and hear their own group. On the output side, route localized commentary feeds to separate audio channels or create completely separate outputs.

Cloud based pay-as-you-go

Simple cloud based usage and login allows you to quickly setup a production. Only pay for the hours you use.

Additional Features


VFB from Receiver via SDI or IP

Simply select any feed from TVU Receivers and integrate with your broadcast facility.

Audio Mixer

Get extraordinary audio with web based audio mixer for level control, audio channel mapping on SDI OUT, recording, and mute/unmute.

Schedule Service

Effortlessly create events with predetermined start and end time, VFB source and channel output selection.

Cloud Based

Sessions are created and managed on the cloud which eliminates the need for expensive hardware or software.