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Live UEFA 2020/21 Champions League Draws using TVU

First-ever remotely produced 2020 UEFA Champions League Final 8 Draws, as well as the 2020/21 UEFA Champions’ League Group Stage Draw and prestigious Awards Ceremony using TVU…

UEFA uses TVU remote production and live streaming solutions

How RTVE and Radio 3 Use TVU 5G & Cloud Production Solutions

RTVE and Radio 3 use latest innovations in 5G and cloud production to live stream concerts more efficiently than ever, in all possible formats, including SDI and vertical output for Instagram

700km Journey by Extreme Athletes Live Streamed On Twitch

Watch how social media influencer Valentí Sanjuan and disabled cyclist Álex Roca rode tandem from Barcelona to Madrid using TVU Router and TVU PowerPac to live stream the entire journey

TV3 connects fans remotely to major live football game with TVU

Watch Jordi Gaya, TV Director at TV3 share how the TVU Anywhere app simultaneously hosted football fans globally in a virtual talk show during a 2 hour live broadcast…

Premier Arts Festival makes on-air and online debut

TVU RPS was deployed for multi-site, multi-camera coverage of a range of performances, broadcast and streamed live all over Public Internet while maintaining social distancing…

PRG live streams eSports on Twitch using TVU Anywhere

Esport tournament live streamed remotely from players homes and the studio, including major professional football players, with a 0.5 second latency to thousand of viewers watching online…

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