Produce multi-camera live video inexpensively and like a professional with cloud-based TVU Producer

The cost and resources needed to produce and stream live events using multiple cameras has traditionally been an expensive and complex task. As a result, broadcasters find it difficult to justify providing live coverage of events with smaller audiences because of the economics of purchasing or renting live video production hardware and software. TVU Producer addresses the need for a more flexible and economical alternative and allows anyone regardless of production experience to produce a low cost, live multi-camera video event from any location.

TVU Producer is cloud-based which means it can be accessed from anywhere with a standard Internet connection and web-browser. Designed for professional and amateur video producers, TVU Producer uses a simple WYSIWYG web interface to add and remove video sources, switch between different video sources, manipulate multiple graphics overlays and take a fully produced video stream live. Producer can also simultaneously output live video directly to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope Producer and CDN platforms. It is also capable of outputting video to SDI through a TVU receiver decoder.


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