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How to join TVU Partyline as a participant

To join a Partyline session as a participant, there are two methods:

– Click a Party ID sent via email to join a party directly.
– Join a Partyline via the TVU Networks website using a Party ID.

To join a partyline session via the TVU Networks website:

1. Obtain the Party ID.
2. Open a Chrome browser window. In the address bar, enter https:// tvunetworks.com.
3. Click the      in the top navigation.
4. Click .
5. Click .
6. When prompted, enter the Party ID in the ID field and click .

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About TVU Partyline

Visit the TVU Partyline page to learn all the capabilities of the TVU Partyline is a Real-Time Interactive Layer (RTIL) that can operate with several TVU solutions. It uses TVU’s patented IS+ transmission protocol to ensure broadcast-quality video and audio, as well as signal resiliency throughout a TVU Partyline session over the public internet, regardless of the number of participants.