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Can the CCU (Camera Control Unit) be controlled remotely with TVU RPS?

The camera control can be remote using the IP tunnel. You can have a CCU operator at-home or in the studio adjusting the camera settings, such as the colour correction of the camera on the field using public internet.

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What Input/Output (IO) formats are supported for the IP streaming output of TVU Grid? Copy

Any IP stream that can be played by a standard IP streaming player, can also be decoded by the receiver then re-encoded and shared out to TVU Grid.

Some common Input/Output formats that are supported: RTMP, RTSP, UDP, including an API integration with YouTube and others. Furthermore, if you wanted to produce, you can also use TVU Producer to add a logo, switch between sources and output to TVU Grid.

Graphic Overlays available with TVU Producer?

TVU Producer cloud production platform can integrate simple graphics (jpeg, gif, png), as well as picture-in-picture, and more professional overlays thanks to the Singular.Live graphic interface integrated into TVU Producer. From animated graphics to clocks and scorings, the choice is yours.

You can also add URL graphics from platform like or Learn how to add graphics on TVU Producer using the link below.

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Do you have a cloud-based audio mixer?

Our cloud production platform TVU Producer includes several level of audio management, from simple “audio follow channel” or choosing a master audio for all your live channels, to more complex audio mixing using our professional cloud-based audio mixer.


How to improve the video return quality?

The more internet / cellular bandwidth available, the better the quality of the video return can be. However, it’s always a compromise between latency and quality. We recommend for video return to give priority to a lower latency than to a higher video quality.

Most TVU live video transmitters offer video return, including the TVU Anywhere mobile app. Discover how to activate the video return using the link below.

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Best solutions to interact live with fans?

Using the TVU Anywhere mobile app., fans can easily participate to your live broadcast and streaming from anywhere. It uses cellular bonding technology and H.265 encoding to guarantee the quality of the video transmission. You can preview examples with Football Social in the UK or TV3 in Spain who interacted with fans from various locations including within stadiums.

Another alternative is TVU Partyline, in this case, you only need to send a URL link for your fan to connect to your live program.

Can TVU Producer stream to multiple platforms?

TVU Producer, our cloud-based live production platform will allow you to live stream your program simultaneously to any social media and digital platforms, as well as CDNs, in the click of a button. You can even output the program to SDI if you own a physical TVU receiver.

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Can you do Split Screen interviews with Zoom or Skype guests?

TVU offers it’s on mobile app. to easily do Split screen live interview, named TVU Anywhere. It’s free to download on both the iOS and Android stores. The app. also runs on MacOS. TVU Anywhere uses cellular bonding technology and H.265 encoding, to offer a much higher quality (up to Full HD) and transmission reliability than using public services like Zoom or Skype. TVU Anywhere is used by thousands of broadcasters and mobile journalists around the world.

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How does Partyline differ from conference solutions like Zoom?

TVU Partyline is designed to be used with live video production tools. It offers broadcast picture quality and perfect audio/video synchronization while using the public internet. You can see the output of the live program with mix minus, allowing you to easily interact with talents and guests behind the scene (uniquely hear perfectly each audio channel without noisy feedback).

In short, you’ll get the same real time communication experience as a Skype/Zoom video conferencing, with higher and uninterrupted picture and audio quality, as well as the capability to invite guests easily by sharing a URL.

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Schedule a receiver to go live with a TVU Grid source at a certain time?

In TVU Command Centre there is an optional feature called Booking Service that allows you to set up and schedule feeds to start and stop live at certain times that you configure.

Using an easy calendar interface you can select the source and the receiver that the live transmission needs to come in on, then you can set the time period so that the transmission will automatically start and stop at that given time. That is available via the API.

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What is the best connection to use for TVU Timelock field production?

All the connections that you can have. With an empty stadium 4G would be sufficient, when the stadiums are full, we recommend to have extra bandwidth with WiFi or ethernet cables.

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