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How to configure TVU Channel Settings in Workbench

You can use the TVU Channel Workbench interface to create a channel, perform your basic channel management functions, and access other advanced features.

To create a new TVU Channel:

  1. Click Create a Channel in the Workbench interface to start a new channel.
  2. Enter a Channel Name.
  3. Choose a Channel type:
  • Popup: This type will turn on when there are events in the schedule.

Important: Popup Type allows your VM to turn on only when events are in your schedule and power off if nothing is scheduled. It automatically turns on 10 minutes before an event and automatically powers off if there is no event within the next 30 minutes. You cannot add an event within 10 minutes of the current time (if your VM is off/powering on). If your VM is off, you won’t be able to add to/modify your schedule until it is On (or turning On). If you always have events in your schedule, it doesn’t matter which mode you are in, but TVU recommends choosing 24×7 to ensure they don’t shut down accidentally.

  • 24×7: This type will be active 24+7. The scheduled channel will always be active until the VM is manually powered down.
  1. Select the output Format for your channel. This is the video resolution and the frame rate that will be sent for your channel video output.
  2. Click Save  .

To access the Settings menu in Channel:

  1. Click the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of your channel in the Workbench.

Your Channel menu selections are:

  • Share – Click Share to add a collaborator or to add an additional local channel administrator to help manage your local channel.
  • AsRun log – Opens a new tab and displays a list of events and their details in your channel.
  • Enable or Disable – Choose Enable to take your scheduled program live. Choose Disable to stop your running channel.
  • Delete – Select Delete to remove a channel from the Workbench.
  • Settings – Use the Settings option to open the Channel Settings pop-up window to configure your channel further.
  1. To configure your channel, click Settings.
  2. You can change the channel Name, Channel Type, and Format if desired.
  3. If you want to add a channel logo to help quickly identify your channel, click the Plus  icon and upload an image (.png, gif, or jpeg) file from your computer.
  4. We’ll need to confirm your location for connecting to TVU Channel. To select the closest server center, click the Region drop-down menu and select the closest region to your location for the best performance.
  5. Select an Output destination. If you need to add one, click the green +Add. When finished, move the slider to the right to enable your selection.
  6. Click Save  to finish configuring your initial channel settings.
  7. To configure Advanced channel settings, continue to “Advanced channel features.”

Advanced channel features

  1. Click the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the channel to open the Settings menu.
  2. Click Settings to open the Settings pop-up window.

To configure advanced Channel settings, expand the Advanced tab:

  • Media folders – A user can select folders displayed in the Media tab file structure. Some folders are created automatically and added to the file structure.
  • Date / Time – Date and time settings to match the Scheduler and Playout of your linear broadcast day if desired.
  • Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) – Create an EPG programming guide link in JSON or XML format for your channel’s programming guide.
  • SCTE – Select a Splice insert or Time signal Ad insertion type for your channel.
  • Schedule – Upload, import, and display event metadata into your channel’s program schedule. Supported formats are BXF, MPL, LST, and XLS. The Enable “Record” by default if the primary source is live checkbox can also be configured in this menu.
  • Ext Graphics – A Singular.Live account is required to use this option by entering a URL or Token code. A Flowics account is required to use this option by entering a Flowics Token code.
  • Closed Captions – TVU Transcriber as a paid service. Contact the TVU Solutions team to integrate the Closed Captions feature into TVU Channel. Do not Enable VTT Caption Insertion without authorization from the TVU Solutions team to ensure that the customer gets charged correctly for this service.
  • Notification – Configure a Channel notification via email if the channel reaches its end status.

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