Media Supply Chain Management: Transform
the Media Workflow and Process

Transform media supply chain management from acquisition to
distribution and monetization in order to remain relevant,
grow your audience and increase revenue.

Let us redesign your media process so you can benefit from the
limitless possibilities using the highest developed technology
in the media & entertainment industry.

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Revolutionize the media supply chain & workflows

Attract audiences, increase revenue and compete with the current and future media & entertainment industry by transforming the way live broadcast content is managed throughout the media supply chain. Enhance storage, discoverability, and utility of live video broadcasts across from acquisition to distribution.

The automated media workflow solution
TVU MediaMind

Enhance live video content for your viewers and team with TVU MediaMind. Integrate automated workflows using artificial intelligence and machine learning to acquire, index, produce, distribute, and monetize live video via the cloud. Simplify the journey of media assets while keeping focus on content and its viewers at every step of the process.


Automate acquisition & transmission of captured content

Make it easy to organize live video content and video contributions. Simplify media management with a cellular bonding solution backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate planning, acquisition, routing, and metadata of live video transmissions when captured.

Maximize content value with enriched media assets

Bring life to old videos, enhance discoverability, and make it easy to search live video content with a real-time AI-augmented media asset management system making archived broadcast media discoverable and accessible from speech-to-text, multi-lingual search indexing, object recognition, and facial recognition.

Accelerate live video production by 10 folds

Streamline your media workflow with immediate remote access for teams from any location. TVU MediaMind works with TVU Contribution Automation Solution (CAS) to assign people, equipment, and acquire live video content for indexing. View, manage, or share all video content from one TVU Server unit to monitor and control all transmissions.

Unparalleled live video distribution

Distribute and stream broadcast-quality live video enhanced with metadata to broadcasters, media companies, or any digital platform globally using TVU Grid, an infinitely scalable cloud-based live video distribution network powered by AI.

Monetization to OTT, OTA, CTV, and all digital platforms

Tap into automated revenue growth by monetizing archived footage and personalizing program content matching the interest of viewers. Enhancing discovery with an AI-based search engine enables revenue benefits with valuable footage that can be reused. Simultaneously, users can automate advertising within their live video programs for any digital platform including Connected TV, OTA, and OTT.

Monitoring tools FAST channel graphic

Find and craft any unique breaking story with blazing speed

Live video content is readily available to easily sort through hours of footage, find exactly what content you need, customize live clipping and instantly distribute. Analyze the value of your story's orgins and elements to the frame while maintaining contextual metadata throughout the transport and production stages.


Broadcast media supply chain benefits

Cost Effective Production

Cost Structure

Reduce the cost of media using cloud-based automated solutions for live video broadcasts.

Media Workflow Icon


Simplify workflows by automating transcriptions & contextual information for all media assets.

access and awareness

Access & Awareness

Easily discover content frame by frame in real-time. Search within live video content and automatically start creating.

scale infinitely


MediaMind paired with TVU Grid expands the limits of distribution on a global scale while maintaining automation.

Automate your media supply chain

Take advantage of all the features and benefits by leveraging AI and machine learning over a cloud-based remote production system using state-of-the-art technologies. Organize content, enrich media assets, and make it accessible while reducing costs and increasing revenue. Contact our specialists to help you upgrade your media supply chain network today.