Digital Workflow Solutions & Systems for Broadcast Media Management

In this guide, we dive deeper into the best digital workflow solutions and SAAS models. You can take a look at the features of each one to determine which will be the best and most beneficial for your product.

Digital workflow solutions for broadcast media management

What is a digital workflow in broadcast?

A digital workflow in broadcasting is a description of all the involved processes from media creation, and media preparation to distribution of audio, video, and graphics used in your production process.

Content creators use specific systems to manage their produced elements, whether during live broadcasting or even in post-production. Most broadcast workflows consist of media creation, preparation, and live video distribution. Great digital workflows help you manage and organize your content with ease and without anxiety.


Digital workflows and how they work

A company’s digital workflow can make or break its processes and distribution. The same goes for the platform the company chooses to use. If the process is smooth and streamlined, projects and content creation is set up for success from start to finish.

Many digital workflows for media management use automation to distribute and archive content play out. The latest technology uses artificially intelligent programming to sync with your existing workflow programs and generate a workflow that works best for your business and product.

You can collect your video, audio and graphic elements, sometimes even in real-time, and integrates with your media workflow system later for sharing and distributing the content you need to produce your content.


SAAS (Software-as-a-Service)

SAAS is an advanced tool that allows professionals to improve the way they approach and perform their duties. This distribution model allows offering software under license with the payment of a fee. The software is stored in the cloud and users access it after paying with their browsers or through the Internet.


Digital workflow software vs cloud-based SAAS solutions in broadcasting

Digital media workflows optimize asset management by introducing video and audio elements into the cloud with artificial intelligence, this allows new and unlimited levels of enhancements to your product. Some of the latest and best technology can even identify faces, recognize objects and convert speech to text automatically.

With SAAS there is the ability to experiment with your content storage and distribution—something usually not possible with just on-site hardware, but that changes once there is access to the cloud. It can include storage and computing power during special projects for even larger or smaller-scale events.

Businesses should keep in mind that many SAAS systems are compatible with distribution to the cloud, but existing infrastructure in place with companies could encounter potential problems over moving assets into the cloud systems. Cloud usage also may cost more during peak usage times within the platform companies are using.


How digital workflows enhance media asset management

Today, traditional broadcasters and content creators rely heavily on working to optimize their digital workflows and SAAS. This is the same for any organization working with media to drive their business. When it comes to collaboration of any kind, the organization is key, especially in creating broadcasting material and video content. 

In addition to organizing and having the content in one place. Great digital asset management systems have an easy search index while they look for archived videos or even live video feeds for clipping.

Broadcasters and producers must also be able to maintain a safe and secure workflow to keep their files safe. In addition, new areas of businesses are shifting rapidly to digital media workflows for video as an additional tool for their communication teams.


Digital workflow solutions for broadcast management

Below we discuss different digital workflow solutions that can better optimize the management of media assets in broadcasting and live production. Discover the difference between each solution and how they can benefit your current production and management workflow.


TVU MediaMind and TVU Search

TVU MediaMind is an “artificially intelligent metadata engine” application that can collect data in multiple format sources.

TVU MediaMind has an easy-to-use search system to help you get access to fast content with a more accessible interface. This makes it easier for creators to innovate and revolutionize their media supply chain and production processes. TVU MediaMind efficiently plans important events ahead of time that you wish to preserve and then does the rest for you in your digital workflow, such as auto-routing, indexing, notifying, and storing. Keep track of your shared media with unlimited ability to upload and even capture in real time.

TVU Search is a must-have search tool for content producers and helps you find your archived and live content from anywhere. TVU Search dramatically improves accuracy and speed by searching keywords, phrases, uploaded images, and even facial recognition.

You can open TVU search and automatically discover a comprehensive list of related content for what you need in your business. Users can clip and download from any live feed and sort and review all media content matching the search criteria and identify the video clips by TVU’s AI-powered technology.


  • Plan, Assign, Track, and keep metadata breadcrumbs throughout your journey.
  • Capture live and archived content
  • Story-based workflow ideal for multi-platform video production
  • Real-time facial recognition, live video clipping
  • Real-time procession to speed up the content supply chain in real-time
  • Intelligent, easy-to-use AI technology
  • Speech-to-text can enable automatic closed captioning
  • Open API to integrate both news editing and production with a media asset management (MAM) system
  • Archive and store your media, and manage your content libraries securely and with ease to enhance your post-production experience

Best for: broadcasters, corporations, influencers, video content producers, mass communication companies, churches, and stadiums


AVID On Demand

AVID On Demand is a cloud service and solutions platform that provides on-demand media production capabilities. AVID Connect lets media organizations deploy the capabilities they need on a per-project basis.

Avid On Demand includes the new Avid l AI suite, which applies machine learning and cognitive services to production workflows. Avid On Demand cloud solution introductions include Shared Library On Demand for storing, sharing, and accessing indexed content libraries from anywhere. Also, Editorial On Demand enables editing teams to share folders, projects, bins, and media for greater collaboration no matter where they’re located.


  • AVID AI automates content indexing, such as closed captioning verification, language detection, facial recognition, scene detection, and speech-to-text conversion.
  • phonetic indexes media, allowing users to easily find content by typing in a word or phrase.
  • automates the process of closed captioning and language verification, improving accuracy.
  • Editorial resources on demand.
  • Cloud-based media library that allows users to store, manage, and search for content using MediaCentral.

Best for: Microsoft users, broadcasters, small businesses


Telestream Vantage

Telestream Vantage consists of workflow products that enable the design and automation of video workflows and can integrate with virtually any network device in your facility.

Vantage unifies your video operations into a managed, faster-than-real-time workflow ecosystem by offering a comprehensive set of built-in tools and third-party integrations.

This platform brings transcoding, media capture, metadata processing, and analysis into a single, unified system with the ability to automate complex decision-making and workflow decisions – on-premise or in the cloud.


  • Design fully automated, self-adapting video workflows, with tools for any video environment.
  • Automatically make decisions, manage content, and correct workflows based on incoming metadata and content properties.
  • Easily deploy operator interfaces within automated processes, to review assets, enter metadata, and more.
  • Workflow portal operator for browsing video, entering metadata, and moving media through workflows.

Best for: Independent video content creators, influencers, small businesses



Primestream is an asset management platform with solutions to manage content. When combined with the rest of Ross suite of products, it integrates file-based workflows with signal-based infrastructures to offer single and multi-site operations global access to their content and workflows.

Primestream supports three main editions, which vary based on the number of concurrent users, creative users and proxy renders.


  • Production assets and associated metadata in and out of your facility from a single, unified UI, with powerful search capabilities and real-time playback.
  • Sub-clip video or live feeds to facilitate easy search and retrieval of relevant content.
  • Archive and restore content to local and cloud-based archive solutions from any location and across multiple storage tiers.
  • MAM provides powerful metadata-tagging tools that allow for logging live or pre-recorded video.
  • Browse and edit archived assets by proxy and seamlessly restore the high-res file for final output.

Best for: broadcasters with Ross suite, independent producers and crews



Algolia is a hosted search engine with claims that it is capable of real-time results from the first keystroke. Algolia’s powerful API lets you implement search within your websites, mobile, and voice applications. 

Algolia consists of two parts: search implementation and search analytics. The implementation tools make it easier for your developers to create and maintain great search experiences for your users. 

Your Algolia search interface can contain a search bar, filters, infinite scrolling, query suggestions, sorting, refinements, etc. These help your users find what they’re looking for and discover new products.


  • A dashboard to manage data and configurations.
  • Features configurable, transparent search and recommendation APIs and UI kits.
  • Advanced search and recommendations engine to deliver just the right content.
  • Improve search capabilities and functionality for a non-tech audience.
  • hosts each customer on a three-server architecture.

Best for: E-commerce groups, independent contractors, tech companies


Signiant Media Engine

Media Engine is a media asset management service built into the Signiant Platform. It Is included with every Signiant SAAS subscription. Users can perform searches across all your storage – on-premises and in the cloud – and quickly preview and interact with media assets. Results are immediately actionable via the powerful services available on the platform, anchored by fast file transfer.

The Signiant Platform is an open system populated with modular technology building blocks that customers can pick and choose as needed. 


  • Indexes your existing files on your existing storage for easy searching.
  • Allows users to view videos without having to complete the full download.
  • Object recognition, facial recognition.
  • Users can mark in and out points to select a specific portion of a video asset ⎯ and then move only the clip of interest.

Best for: stationary broadcasters, ad agencies, tech companies



TVU MediaMind and TVU Search are the best for your business. Broadcasters and content creators can envision ultimate access to the content they need to achieve reaching their audiences at a fast speed. 

The automated processes can intelligently choose the assets needed for your storytelling and craft that story to send to a targeted audience. TVU MediaMind is a transformation of the media supply chain platform, one that empowers video content by making it more meaningfully storable for repurpose and puts the needs and expectations of viewers first.

TVU Search allows the easiest options to help you search and find the content you need efficiently.

TVU Mediamind and TVU Search use metadata to make video and audio highly searchable, helping content producers. For example, producers clipping through long events and conferences will have an easier time finding the right clips and soundbites for their coverage and highlights in broadcasting.


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