Goodbye OB Vans
Hello to Easy Cloud Production

The OB Van in the cloud enables the full power of a classic OB van for professional live event production, without the heavy infrastructure, cabling and travel costs associated with traditional OB vans.

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Multi-Camera Production with zero latency


TVU’s OB Van in the cloud allows you to manage multi-camera production seamlessly, with zero latency, frame-accurate switching, and up to 4K quality, using public internet connection or relying on the power of cellular bonding for a fully wireless remote production.

Switching, graphics, highlights in the cloud


Our OB van in the cloud includes real-time replay for highlights or to assist referees in critical game decisions, remote commentaries, graphic overlays, audio mixing, remote fan participation and monetization across multiple channels (OTT, social media, NDI and SDI if you decide to add a physical TVU receiver).

Cloud-based OB Van for live broadcast and production

Perfect live stability, from anywhere in the world


Say goodbye to travel costs. Embracing the OB van in the cloud means your team can be located anywhere, operating on one common user interface, communicating in real-time with automated echo cancellation (mix-minus), just as if you were together in the OB Van.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows


TVU suites of Cloud solutions will integrate seamlessly with traditional broadcast workflows. Our team of experts will find the best way to custom upgrade your production, for a fraction of the cost and with top-quality output.
Get ready to produce a lot more live events and reach a lot more viewers!

Combine OB Van workflow with cloud solution

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Reach out to our engineering and solution team for free consulting on what's the best way to make your live event production more efficient.

Full cloud production workflow
Complete cloud

Spend as little as $36 per production hour by doing it entirely in the cloud.

Hybrid cloud workflow
Hybrid workflow

Go live through SDI and digital platforms by combining powerful, lightweight equipment with cloud production.