How Do I Live Stream a Wedding?

If you are looking to hire a professional videographer for your wedding, or if you’re a production company looking to add weddings as part of your services, then read on. Live streaming your wedding – the new norm? Filming your wedding is nothing new, whether it’s been shaky camcorder footage from some of the guests, […]

AI offers enhanced Media Asset Management (MAM) for Broadcast

The sad history of video archives—whether at a TV station, network, production center, post-production house or even non-broadcast corporate or government institutions—is the desire to find the right content has always outstripped the ability to do so. Whether it was a TV station with ¾-inch U-matic or ½-inch Betacam cassettes on shelf after shelf of […]

Five Reasons 5G Will Revolutionize Sports Broadcasting

The promotion of 5G wireless service is everywhere. It’s impossible to watch TV for any period of time and not see an ad. Ditto for other traditional and digital media aswell. While there’s a good deal of hype around 5G (do I really care if I can download an HD movie in a couple of […]

How To Livestream From Remote Locations

Local TV stations, national networks and sports and entertainment producers are no stranger to broadcasting from remote locations. Whether it’s a live shot from a reporter outside city hall, a foreign correspondent reporting from the site of civil unrest, a custom-built IRL backpack streaming from a remote location, or a sports producer contributing live game […]

The Importance of Fan Engagement in Sports

The numbers don’t lie. The COVID-19 pandemic has cost the big four professional sports leagues in the United States billions in lost revenue. Covid-19 forces sports to adapt and survive NFL—$1.3 billion to $7 billion in lost ticket sales – Yahoo Sports. Scientific American puts the estimate north of $4 billion for in-stadium attendance at […]

Sports Broadcasting Equipment Guide

Say the term “sports production” to people in the broadcast business, and their minds immediately go to 53-foot-long video production studios on wheels, a dozen or more cameras – even a hundred or more for some of the biggest events – and a rather large, itinerant crew. A revolution in sports broadcasting technology All of […]

Home TV Studio Setup: How to make a TV studio at Home

Today, working from home has become part of the normal even though many go out seeking connection with others. When Covid-19 broke out in early 2020, broadcasters around the world scrambled to set up home studios for their anchors and correspondents—often in a den, study or other room in the house. Broadcasting live video from […]

How to Broadcast Video Over IP

Whether you are a field reporter, a first responder, an up-and-coming citizen journalist or an even an event organizer with a message to deliver, you would be hard-pressed to find a more effective way to broadcast video over ip and better communicate your message than streaming video. It’s never been easier or faster to broadcast […]

Low Latency Streaming: Improve Video Latency & Live Stream With no Delay!

In order to deliver a top-notch experience in live videos, there needs to be a focus on low latency streaming to enhance the experience for all your viewers. Keeping your video latency low in your live streams is one In order to deliver a top-notch experience in live videos, there needs to be a focus […]

How To Host A Virtual Press Conference

Look no further than a White House press briefing to see what impact COVID-19 is having on how conferences are being held with social distancing measures in place. Masks are a must, and empty seats between reporters in the briefing room and video screen relaying questions from journalists who remain at home. These may be […]

Multi-Camera Live Streaming with Multiple Cameras or Phones

Multi-camera live streaming doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Here we run through the basics of multi-camera production for any use case with a focus on cloud-based production. Learn the equipment, setup, and how to live stream multiple cameras or phones together. When you think of a complicated multi-camera live streaming setup, you might […]