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Formula 1 São Paulo Grand Prix goes live with TVU Remote Production

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November 19, 2021 –At TVU Networks, we offer integrated solutions for streaming video transmissions to the global market and have introduced innovative solutions for sport broadcasting. This time, we had the pleasure to support Grupo Bandeirantes during the live coverage of the Formula 1 São Paulo Grand Prix 2021.

“For the complete coverage of Formula 1, Grupo Bandeirantes opted for live content remote production. At the race track, we installed TVU RPS, a multichannel video encoder that enables the transmission of several synchronized video sources, a solution specially developed for the remote production of live events. These signals were received at Band’s reception center and reproduced with local resources, without the need to move a mobile unit to Interlagos”, explains Eduardo Mune, our sales director in Brazil.

Band, current owner of the F1 exhibition rights, has reached unprecedented marks in 2021. The company, which has been investing in technology, dedicated more than 15 hours of live programming directly from the Interlagos circuit, with on-site journalism teams that worked with remote video production flow, through technology developed by TVU Networks.  

“The whole structure was designed so that Band could have access to all possible video sources to cover the event, reducing the amount of equipment, while maintaining the quality that Band always presents. This way, we believe that the decision to use RPS was assertive, allowing us to provide a dualized structure, with reduced cost and better operational management”, analyzes Thiago Perrella, Band’s Engineering and Technology Director. 

 The São Paulo GP occupied a large part of Band’s programming, which covered the preparations, practices, classification, race and post-event. All Band and Band News sports programs received the race track signals with very low latency and high image quality. There was no need for traditional production methods, which require the involvement of more professionals and consequently higher costs.

“It is a moment in which the broadcast market in Brazil needs to innovate and follow the worldwide trend of remote production. Band is very connected to these trends, already used in the Agro+ channel and in other links between the group’s sites. We are proud to have successfully concluded this important event, which once again reflects the versatility and efficiency of TVU solutions,” concludes Mune.

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TVU Networks is a global organization with over 3,000 customers using its cloud and IP-based workflow solutions across multiple industries including news, entertainment media, sports, corporate, streaming, houses of worship and government. The company is at the forefront of developing the tools to revolutionize and optimize a media supply chain. TVU is a key part of the operations of many leading media companies around the world and is an Emmy®️ Award winner for Technology and Engineering.


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