OTT Advertising Guide: What is Over-The-Top Advertising?

Television has been placed in the midst of a fundamental shift with OTT advertising growing in popularity. For decades, millions of viewers connected a screen-bearing device to a signal interpreter via a cable to render linear television programming in their homes. Here we discuss OTT advertising. What is OTT, and why in the last decade, […]

Linear TV Advertising vs. OTT (Over-the-Top): Pros, Cons, and Differences Explained

TV advertising has developed over the years thanks to internet and technology. Today ads are no longer limited to a particular time or channel as traditional linear tv programming once ruled. Now many types of ads, linear and non-linear, take place throughout the tv advertising space. In this guide we provide an overview explaining the […]

CTV Advertising: Benefits of Connected TV Advertising & How it Works

As the TV industry shifts more to connected tv so does the advertising. CTV Advertising has grown at a fast pace from the more traditional linear tv advertising. Here we discuss the benefits of connected tv, how it works, and why CTV advertising is a growing trend among households. What is Connected TV Connected TVs […]

Digital Workflow Solutions & Systems for Broadcast Media Management

In this guide, we dive deeper into the best digital workflow solutions and SAAS models. You can take a look at the features of each one to determine which will be the best and most beneficial for your product. What is a digital workflow in broadcast? A digital workflow in broadcasting is a description of […]

Top REMI Solutions for Live Video Production & Remote Broadcast

REMI solutions have been the staple to catapult broadcasting to new heights through the remote production of live events and the sorts. Here you will what a REMI broadcast is, how live production works using REMI workflows, and the top REMI solutions shaping the future of remote video production. The REMI production revolution There’s no […]

SpaceX’s Starlink Integration Delivers 4K HD LIVE Anywhere in Any Condition

The obstacles of live broadcasting in extreme weather conditions Hurricane Ian rampaging through south Florida was the latest of the regular reminders of how little control we have over Mother Nature. For Broadcasters, severe weather always means obstacles to overcome. In the case of Ian, before landfall, it was impossible to predict the exact location […]

Remote Broadcast Solutions for Live Video Production

A live remote broadcast produced from a tv studio at home can be managed by a small team away from the main station. Today many in the media and entertainment industry have aligned themselves to manage production and broadcasting from any location. In this guide, we will discuss what a remote broadcast is, how it […]

Remote Live Production Checklist: Solutions for Remote Video Broadcasts

Remote Live production is a staple of television. Whether it’s live sports, an awards show, a local parade or even extended news coverage, remote video production fills hour upon hour of air time, and as CTV devices and over-the-top (OTT) distribution have emerged video streams as well. What is remote live production? Remote live production […]

How TVU Anywhere Transforms User-Generated Content into Vital Election Footage from the Campaign Trail

As the nation enters campaign season and news directors begin planning how best to use their station’s limited resources to cover races as they unfold, user-generated content has emerged as a new source of footage with the potential to contribute mightily to daily news production. User-generated content: a new source of video contributions Not the […]

9 Best Wireless Video Transmitters of 2023

From studio production to live event productions, wireless video transmitters are used in both and many cases. In this article, we list and discuss some of the best video transmitters for all types. From stand-alone video transmitters to live video transmitter packs containing live streaming encoders. Learn the Pros and Cons of each and discover […]

Best FAST Channel Playout System of 2022

Whether you are a traditional television broadcaster, a YouTube or Facebook Live channel entrepreneur or anyone or thing in between, the emergence for Free Ad-Support TV, or FAST channels, as a new way to reach the public has likely rocked your world. FAST Streaming & Linear TV Streaming FAST channels layer the well-understood concept of […]

7 Best Multi-Camera Live Streaming Apps for Android & iPhone in 2022

Multi-Camera live streaming apps have had a boom in recent years. Producers, broadcast professionals, and content creators’ livelihoods all depend on live streaming equipment and technology. More and more the “average” consumer has come to rely heavily on live streaming as a part of their daily social and professional workflow. With more people creating content […]