How to Live Stream church service to Facebook With TVU Producer

Facebook Live, the social media site’s video distribution platform, has been used daily by millions to stream video to viewers since its launch in 2016. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the video streaming platform has played a particularly important role for houses of worship. Government-ordered lockdowns and social distancing mandates have […]

Best Video Switchers for Live Events & Multi-Camera Productions

Whether your live show is a sporting event, a late night talk show, a church service or a corporate meeting, the video switcher is the centrepiece of the entire production workflow. Why? Because the video switcher is where it all comes together—literally. At one time, all roads might have led to Rome, but today all […]

How to add remote guests to your live stream

After 10 months of COVID-19, it might be hard to remember that there was a time when live events like trade shows, conferences and large social gatherings were commonplace and that AV presentations often played a big part in making them memorable. However, that certainly was the case and may be again sooner than expected […]

Best software for church live streaming

Choosing to live stream church services is easy. What’s more difficult is understanding the myriad options and approaches that must be considered to make live streaming church a reality—at least that was the case until recently. However, video production tools that leverage the public cloud, such as AWS from Amazon, to produce, format and stream […]

What 5G Means For News Broadcasting

All of the ongoing promotion and hype surrounding 5G builds it up as the next big thing—and it is in many respects. But to understand how it will impact television broadcasting requires a bit of dissection to determine what exactly is 5G, how it differs from what came before, what shape it will take and […]

How To Live Stream a Church Service with a Smartphone

Many faith-based groups, including churches, synagogues and mosques, have struggled since March with how to minister to the spiritual needs of their members during a pandemic that’s prompted government officials to restrict gatherings and mandate social distancing. To comply with these strictures, many have begun or are considering live video streaming services as an alternative […]

Why you should be live streaming in the cloud

Whether it’s production of a game, a red-carpet soiree, entertainment or news, if your plan is to live stream the event, cloud-based production is fast becoming the go-to solution. With virtual equivalents of all of the production tools associated with traditional workflows now available in the cloud, it’s never been easier nor more advantageous to […]

How Do I Live Stream a Wedding?

If you are looking to hire a professional videographer for your wedding, or if you’re a production company looking to add weddings as part of your services, then read on. Live streaming your wedding – the new norm? Filming your wedding is nothing new, whether it’s been shaky camcorder footage from some of the guests, […]

AI offers enhanced Media Asset Management (MAM) for Broadcast

The sad history of video archives—whether at a TV station, network, production center, post-production house or even non-broadcast corporate or government institutions—is the desire to find the right content has always outstripped the ability to do so. Whether it was a TV station with ¾-inch U-matic or ½-inch Betacam cassettes on shelf after shelf of […]

Five Reasons 5G Will Revolutionize Sports Broadcasting

The promotion of 5G wireless service is everywhere. It’s impossible to watch TV for any period of time and not see an ad. Ditto for other traditional and digital media aswell. While there’s a good deal of hype around 5G (do I really care if I can download an HD movie in a couple of […]

How To Livestream From Remote Locations

Local TV stations, national networks and sports and entertainment producers are no stranger to broadcasting from remote locations. Whether it’s a live shot from a reporter outside city hall, a foreign correspondent reporting from the site of civil unrest, a custom-built IRL backpack streaming from a remote location, or a sports producer contributing live game […]

The Importance of Fan Engagement in Sports

The numbers don’t lie. The COVID-19 pandemic has cost the big four professional sports leagues in the United States billions in lost revenue. Covid-19 forces sports to adapt and survive NFL—$1.3 billion to $7 billion in lost ticket sales – Yahoo Sports. Scientific American puts the estimate north of $4 billion for in-stadium attendance at […]