CCTV Leverages TVU Technology for Live Broadcast of Lei Jun Interview

In an innovative move, CCTV harnessed TVU technology to live "China's Economic Gravitational Field," featuring an in-depth live interview with Xiaomi President Lei Jun.

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In a landmark broadcast, China Central Television (CCTV) featured Lei Jun, President of Xiaomi Group, in “China’s Economic Gravitational Field.” The program spotlighted Xiaomi’s groundbreaking entry into the new energy vehicle market with the debut of their Xiaomi SU7. The discussion ventured into Lei Jun’s insights on his “final entrepreneurial venture” and Xiaomi’s forward-thinking aspirations in this sector.

To facilitate a flawless live broadcast, CCTV employed the TVU One backpack, a key component for signal collection and backhaul. The broadcasting setup showcased various live locations, from dynamic SU7 test drives to an extensive tour of the Xiaomi factory, culminating in a live interview staged within the factory itself. The broadcasts were uniquely produced in a 9:16 vertical screen format, enhancing mobile viewer engagement. The TVU One backpack’s selection was vital for its ability to deliver consistent performance across diverse broadcasting scenarios, ensuring uninterrupted signal transmission during the event.

The TVU One backpack demonstrated its reliability throughout the broadcast, whether in motion during SU7 test drives or amidst the complex, signal-dense environment of the Xiaomi manufacturing facility. Featuring its proprietary IS+ transmission technology (U.S. Patent No. US10020914B2), the device adeptly integrated multiple communication networks to establish a stable, high-bandwidth uplink. Coupled with HEVC smart variable bitrate encoding and FEC forward error correction technology, the TVU One excelled in signal collection and backhaul, offering viewers a seamless and engaging viewing experience. Its compact, user-friendly design and versatility across various environments underscored its suitability for dynamic live broadcast demands, enabling the delivery of unique and compelling live content.

The interview was broadcast not only on CCTV’s main channel but also simultaneously streamed on several new media platforms, including Weibo and TikTok, where it garnered considerable attention and acclaim. Lei Jun’s influential narrative and commanding presence enriched the broadcast, providing a detailed exploration of Xiaomi’s strategic directions and future ambitions in the new energy vehicle realm. The stellar performance of the TVU One backpack during this broadcast underscored its critical role in enabling CCTV to present a captivating live interview, affirming TVU’s commitment to make every live broadcast successful from behind the scenes.

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