CCTV Lunar new year transmission with TVU

TVU Networks Elevates Lunar New Year Broadcast with Cutting-Edge Live Transmission

CCTV Chooses TVU Networks for Uninterrupted Broadcast of China's Grand Lunar New Year Celebrations

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TVU Networks, a pioneer in cloud-based and hybrid media workflows for live production and distribution, has once again demonstrated its cutting-edge technology during the Chinese New Year’s Eve broadcast, “Jiachen Spring Comes, Fortune Warms All Seasons,” by China’s Central Radio and Television Station (CCTV). This special program, aired on the eve of the Lunar New Year 2024 (February 9th), was a testament to the rich cultural heritage and festive spirit that spans across China, brought into the homes of viewers countrywide through the innovative use of TVU Networks’ solutions.

CCTV Lunar new year transmission with TVU

The broadcast was a marathon event that started at 9 AM and continued throughout the day, offering a full spectrum of New Year celebrations from various corners of China. CCTV’s news channel, along with its digital platforms, embarked on an ambitious project to capture the essence of the Lunar New Year, showcasing the diverse ways in which the occasion is celebrated across the country. From bustling flower markets and commercial streets to cultural landmarks and behind-the-scenes at the Spring Festival Gala, the program aimed to convey the warmth and joy of the season to a national audience.

CCTV Lunar new year transmission with TVU

Central to the success of this extensive live coverage was the deployment of TVU One backpacks by the CCTV crew, who traveled to over thirty locations nationwide to bring live updates of the festivities. The TVU One were instrumental in ensuring stable and clear transmission of live footage back to the production center in Beijing. Despite the challenges of broadcasting live from multiple locations, TVU One’s reliability over a continuous fifteen-hour broadcast was unparalleled. Leveraging ISX transmission technology, TVU One seamlessly integrated multiple 5G and 4G networks to establish a robust signal upload link. Coupled with HEVC smart variable bitrate encoding and forward error correction among other advanced video processing technologies, TVU Networks ensured the high-quality audio and video signals were reliably transmitted back to the studio for real-time editing, switching, and packaging.


This technological feat not only highlighted TVU Networks’ role in facilitating a seamless live broadcast experience but also underscored the importance of reliable live transmission solutions in capturing the essence of widespread celebrations. As the whole country watched, TVU Networks helped CCTV to unfold the rich tapestry of Chinese New Year traditions, bringing the vibrant festivities and cultural nuances to a national audience, and marking the beginning of the Year of the Dragon with a message of hope and prosperity.


CCTV Lunar new year transmission with TVU

Adding to the narrative of technological excellence and connectivity, Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks, shared his insights on the collaboration and the impact of TVU’s technology on live broadcasting. “This year’s Lunar New Year broadcast by CCTV was a monumental undertaking that showcased not just the cultural richness of China but also the robustness and reliability of live transmission technology. At TVU Networks, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in live broadcast, and our partnership with CCTV for this event is a testament to that commitment,” said Shen.



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