BRTV Drama festival broadcasting

Prestigious Five-Day Event for Chinese TV Industry Choses TVU Networks for Multi-Camera Live Broadcast and Online Streaming

TVU One 5G Mobile Transmitter and TVU Transceiver Provide Real-Time Transmission, Encoding and Decoding Over 5G for BRTV

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The five-day long China Beijing TV Drama Festival, produced by BRTV (Beijing Radio & Television), which is a government-owned television network in China. BRTV relied on TVU Networks for real-time transmission and encoding/decoding of this prestigious festival to broadcast and social media platforms. 

Using a TVU One 5G mobile transmitter for encoding and transmission, the main program signal was sent from the iconic Shougang Park (venue for the 2022 Winter Olympics) to a TVU Transceiver at BRTV’s production studio for decoding and output to a broadcast playout system. The live event was broadcast on the BRTV and simultaneously distributed to multiple platforms, including the app of BRTV, WeChat, and Weibo. 

The live event was a true multi-camera production, with several camera positions deployed on site to capture images of the host, performers, auditorium and event panorama from many perspectives. After switching, audio mixing, promotional video, subtitle and graphic insertion, the main signal was output to the TVU One and then to the TVU Transceiver.

The TVU One can simultaneously aggregate up to 12 data connections: cellular 3G/4G/5G LTE, WiFi, Starlink, ethernet, Ka-band and Ku-band satellite, microwave and BGAN. It delivers high-quality live video over a 5G cellular bonded infrastructure. The mobile transmitter provides the ability to transfer live UHD quality video with sub-second latency and transmit at 100Mbps.

BRTV Multi-Camera Live Broadcast and Online Streaming

“BRTV is a valued customer with an incredible history of driving innovation and new production techniques,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “We’re honored that our solutions are in regular use at BRTV for remote production. We’ve been told by network staff that they appreciate being able to use existing EFP (electronic field production) tools while taking advantage of the increased bandwidth 5G networks provide. And as broadcasters migrate to cloud production, making the transition to a cloud native infrastructure in place of physical equipment, is very easy with our intuitive ecosystem.”

The TVU One mobile transmitters feature:

  • 5G transmission with unlimited 5G data
  • 4K HDR or 1080p HDR picture quality 
  • Sub-second latency
  • The aggregation of all available data connections – cellular, 5G, WiFi, Ethernet, and satellite – to transmit broadcast-quality video from any location

Over 600 new television programs were previewed during the China Beijing TV Drama Festival, including 400 TV dramas, over 60 online series and 300-plus miniseries. The festival featured a series of activities, from ceremonies to themed forums and digital exhibitions.

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