TVU TalkshowTM - Live video audience participation.

Simple and affordable ways to reach audiences everywhere.

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A solution that caters to you.

TVU TalkshowTM is modular, meaning you can include the components of the solution that best fit your needs -- bidirectional chat, remote production or Cloud production.

Bidirectional interaction with viewers everywhere.

With TVU TalkshowTM, you have the option to make your live viewers a part of the show as it’s happening. With support for unlimited callers, viewers can call in using TVU Anywhere on their smart mobile devices and connect with your show’s hosts in the studio. No limits on how many callers or where they’re located.

Leverage your studio infrastructure for synchronized live multi-camera production.

TVU TalkshowTM can synchronize and transmit up to six camera sources over the common Internet to your studio for at-home/REMI production.

Professional production in the cloud.

Yield high-quality results whether you’re a pro or an amateur. No expensive hardware, software or training necessary. Insert professional overlays from and add graphics with a user-friendly interface. Push content to your online audience watching on TV, social media or your website.

Manage callers.

TVU’s integrated caller management system allows you to screen an unlimited number of callers and queue callers as they dial in.

IFB management.

TVU TalkshowTM also supports IFB management to ensure effective and seamless communication, whether it’s hosts interacting with callers or the producers, production crew and camera operators speaking with each other.

Sharing everywhere.

Simultaneously push live produced content to multiple platforms, including a global network of more than 3,000 TV stations. Output to traditional SDI or online programming including social media platforms.

Full TVU Support and Maintenance

Because it's cloud-based, TVU Talkshow services do not require software to be downloaded as TVU provides and maintains access at all times. Technical staff are always on-hand to assist in the video production process and to prevent and mitigate any disruptions to the service.