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How does Live Video Distribution Over IP Work?

For broadcasters who need to share live video with a number of locations and stations, seamless global video distribution can be a challenge, given the cost and scale of the task. TVU Solutions present a highly cost-effective way to transmit broadcast-quality video from one location to another with virtually no delay, by enabling broadcasters to acquire live video from different sources and seamlessly distribute it to other locations. You can read our guide on how to broadcast video over IP here.

ⓘ What are the differences with satellite for network video distribution?

For broadcasters, video producers, and organizations looking to easily and affordably distribute high-quality, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint live video, satellite or dedicated fiber lines are ultimately much more expensive than implementing an IP-based distribution solution. IP-based solutions such as TVU Grid, eliminate the drawback of satellite rain fade, while allowing you to distribute live video feeds to an unlimited number of destination without the financial and hardware restrictions of satellite infrastructure, simply by using the public internet. In addition to lowering your costs, IP-based live video distribution can easily be set-up to uni-directional or bi-directional, allowing you to both send and receive live content from a location, with very low latency and very high definition.

TVU Grid – Infinitely scalable live video distribution network over commodity internet

A powerful, scalable, point-to-multipoint, IP-based video switching, routing and global video distribution solution that enables broadcasters to acquire live video from different sources and seamlessly distribute it to other Grid-enabled locations, with virtually no delay. Users can view public video sources that are available around the world, and request to take the stream and make it available for their own viewing audience.

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Preview newsroom feeds from anywhere with TVU GridLink – Live video feeds preview from hundreds of broadcasters and news agencies, embedded with rich live metadata to facilitate live content search.

TVU Grid – Powerful and scalable live IP-based video switching, routing and distribution

TVU G-Link™ – High-quality, low-latency point-to-point live video transmission

An Internet-based video distribution solution for point-to-point live transmission that provides an affordable way for bidirectional sharing of live video between two locations. Designed to work over commodity internet, TVU G-Link™ can use either public internet or private network to send and deliver HD video.

Choose from two versions of TVU G-Link with TVU G-Link 4K, the contribution encoder that supports true 4K60P UHD HDR when only the highest broadcast quality professional picture will do. Next-level video quality.

Learn more about TVU G-Link™
and TVU G-Link 4K >

TVU G-Link – Reliable point-to-point live video transmission over IP

TVU Producer 3.0 – Cloud-based multi-camera live streaming to multiple platforms 

Reach a worldwide audience. Secure the highest quality live video distribution in the right format across any social, digital, mobile and web platforms, simultaneously. You can also output your content to any traditional workflows such as SDI, NDI and SMPTE 2110 using TVU Grid, all with the click of a button. Create unique multi-camera live streaming programs and safely stream on any digital platforms and SDI.

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TVU Producer 3.0 – Cloud-based multi-camera live streaming to multiple platforms

New ways to search, find and exchange live video content globally

While TVU Grid allows you to distribute and exchange your recorded or live video content over IP with thousands of media organisations instantly, it also allows you to find live content in real-time, faster than you could ever hope for. Using TVU AI engine, all live feeds going through TVU solutions are enriched with metadata including voice, face and localisation recognition. This allows you to search and pin point the precise seconds of content you would need to produce your program, instead of browsing through minutes or hours of video files.

In short, you can automatically sort through hours of live feeds that are being distributed from different media organisations, to locate exactly the video content you need.

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Get access remotely to live feeds from other media organizations during social distancing

Using TVU Grid, gain access to local news pool feeds in which hundreds of broadcasters and news agencies share timely video feed and information live. The Grid feeds can then be distributed live to TV, web and social media.

TVU’s Project Pool Feed is a proven end-to-end technology solution designed to help facilitate remote live video news exchange between relevant parties. The solution eliminates the requirement for onsite professional videographers and expensive dedicated fiber. The pictures transmitted are in full broadcast-quality HD, and the technology is designed for fast and simple deployment.

Seamless Live Video Distribution and Streaming

AI-indexing engine

AI-Indexing Engine

Every frame of video is enriched with valuable metadata

Sub-Second Latency

Sub-Second Latency

Seamlessly share live video across multiple locations in real-time with sub-second latency

Video Sharing Over IP, Public Internet

Over IP

Designed to work using commodity internet, and keeping your content safe

Integrated with any protocol

Any Protocol

Distribute content in many different formats - SDI, SMPTE 2110, NDI, Social media and more

Learn about boundaryless remote video sharing and Pool Feeds with TVU Grid and TVU GridLink