2024 Elections: How TVU Revolutionizes Coverage Across the Globe

2024 Elections 
How TVU Revolutionizes Coverage Across The Globe

2024 is poised to be a landmark year in the realm of global politics. With over 60 nations scheduled to conduct elections, the stakes are higher than ever, not only for the United States but for the entire world. These elections stand to have far-reaching implications, affecting billions worldwide through the diverse policies proposed by each candidate. The year 2024 could arguably be one of the most consequential periods for global elections in recent history. TVU election solutions are here to help.

This pivotal moment underscores the critical role of broadcasters and the media. As the demand for comprehensive, accurate information reaches unprecedented levels, broadcasting teams are gearing up for extended hours. They’re tasked with managing feeds, coordinating with affiliates, and orchestrating additional productions that feature panels of experts—all aimed at keeping the public informed like never before.

At the heart of these efforts, TVU Networks election solutions have been the go to partner for newsrooms navigating the complexities of coverage. With more than 18 years of industry experience, TVU offers unparalleled support during this busy election cycle. If you are looking to rent broadcast election equipment, click here to request more information. Special pricing is also available!

Elevate every stage of your election coverage

Thousands of customers recognize TVU as a pioneer in live video transmission technology. Known for our award-winning video transmitters, the TVU One, TVU saw beyond the hardware solutions and wanted to create more than just packs. This ideology led the charge in migrating media supply chains to the cloud, a visionary move that has since facilitated thousands of productions across the globe. We don’t wait for problems to arise. TVU prides itself on being forward thinking and reacting faster than the industry especially for those who need to rent election broadcast equipment.

Infinite scalability in a time where content needs is growing

Just this year, the release of TVU Media Hub™ marked a significant advancement in media management, allowing newsrooms and production companies to transcend traditional media routing limitations. The election year was at the forefront during the entire developmental cycle. With so many elections happening, the need to move past traditional hardware limits was a daily discussion with our customers and partners.

TVU Networks election solutions can eliminate the need for costly equipment rentals for major events, such as elections, by enabling seamless distribution of any number of IP sources to any destination starting at only $35 per month. Its compatibility with both on-premise and cloud solutions, along with its SDI-centric design, makes it an essential tool for contemporary news operations.

tvu mediahub router encoder decoder inputs outputs signal matrix

The need for digital content grows exponentially

Digitals teams’ needs are constantly evolving and changing. During election times, Facebook Lives, interviews, special presentations all become a nearly daily task. 

That’s why we created TVU Producer, a cloud-based production studio, that empowers digital teams to create the content they need for social media success without hindering the production team or in studio infrastructure. 

With TVU Producer’s features, your digital team gains the flexibility to showcase graphics, manage audio channels individually, select specific feeds for display in their desired layout, and employ various transitions to enhance the viewer experience. Anyone can run TVU Producer with its user friendly interface. No need for large complicated switchers or other pieces of hardware which requires extensive training.

The potential for creating captivating live content is limitless. Moreover, TVU Partyline enables the seamless integration of online remote guests and commentators, further enriching your broadcasts. The best part? The digital team is able to bring you stations TVU’s hardware solutions without the need for additional support. Everything lives together by simply selecting which pack you want to bring into the production environment. The ecosystem ties everything together in one place. Just click on the TVU feed you want to bring in, and like magic you are ready to go. 

Bringing in important figures should be as easy as downloading an app

The TVU Anywhere app allows any candidate, journalist, or expert to be immediately brought into a production environment. This is all initiated by the simple scan of a QR code. During COVID, living rooms were turning into complete studios with TVU Anywhere at the heart of it all. See how news anchor Rebekah Hoeger made it happen here. The same can be done with candidate interviews and more. Simply have them download the app, pair it to your ecosystem, whether on-premise or in the cloud, and it’s like they are in the room with you. And since breaking news waits for no one, having a powerful video transmitter in your pocket means the team never has to worry about not bringing the live action to the viewers. It bonds together your WIFI signal and your cell signal to help guarantee a flawless connection.

TVU Networks Election AI workflows to support your team and save time 

AI-driven workflows represent another area where TVU Networks is setting new standards. TVU Search, for instance, offers instant ingestion and indexing of streams, complete with rich metadata. This feature ensures that teams never miss crucial content, enabling them to clip and distribute footage effortlessly. With automatic alerts, teams can concentrate on other tasks, knowing they’ll be notified the moment relevant content becomes available. This tool also makes it easy to create tailored content for different platforms and audiences in real time. Want to be notified when a certain candidate takes the podium? It can do that. How about when a candidate mentions a specific phrase like “inflation” an automatic clip is generated. This solution makes it possible.

TVU Search shows how AI can significantly streamline media workflows, saving both time and resources.

TVU Search- AI powered live video ingesting, indexing and clipping platform

Connecting the world through IP 

TVU Grid further simplifies the landscape of live video distribution over IP. This platform facilitates point-to-multipoint, bidirectional live video sharing, making public video sources globally accessible. Integrated with the TVU Command Center, it offers centralized management of all TVU solutions, including real-time status updates on transmissions and servers. This seamless connectivity is instrumental in fostering collaboration and efficiency among newsrooms worldwide.

The TVU Promise

The TVU Promise encapsulates our dedication to ensuring every broadcast’s success, especially during such a critical period as the upcoming elections. If you rent election broadcast equipment with TVU, you are getting a partner.

Every newsroom is different, every broadcast is unique and every day is a new set of challenges for our partners and customers. A dedicated team of solution experts work tirelessly to ensure every step of your election coverage process is streamlined and customized to your needs. They understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to election coverage, so they design the entire TVU Ecosystem to integrate seamlessly with any and all existing workflows.

Our commitment to our customers is unwavering, as we strive to equip every team with the tools they need to excel, whether through equipment rentals or the implementation of new workflows. With round-the-clock support, TVU Networks is more than just a service provider; we’re a partner in your success. As the world turns its eyes to the polls, let TVU Networks election solutions be the backbone of your election coverage. Contact us today to discover how we can support your broadcasting needs.


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