TVU Support and Warranty Programs

“Making every transmission a success”


At TVU Networks, our motto is “Making every transmission a success”.  The resources of the TVU Networks Customer Success team are available to all customers and resellers worldwide who are using TVU Networks equipment or services. Unlike many suppliers who prioritize their customer calls by tier, TVU’s support team strives to answer every call immediately, treats each customer as our most important, and assists every customer facing technical difficulties, whether due to a TVU equipment issue or an SDI cable issue, to make every transmission successful.

All new and refurbished TVU equipment purchased from authorized TVU resellers come with:

  • Original Manufacturer’s Warranty – 1 year of original manufacturer’s warranty
  • Software Maintenance – 1 year of software updates within the same platform version
  • Customer Support – 1 year of live customer support

At the time of purchase or renewal, customer may select one of these Service Level Agreement (SLA) annual subscriptions:

  • Premium Support Plan – customer support, management tools, and major software platform upgrades
  • Premium Support + Warranty Plan – adds full hardware protections and premium services
  • Option to choose a 1 year or 3 year subscription.

The services included in each plan are outlined below.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the numbers shown toward the end of this document and we will be happy to help you.

Annual Service Plans Overview

Annual Premium Support Plan

Annual premium support is a paid subscription that provides access to these services:

  • 24/7 Live Global Technical Support
  • Transmitter to receiver pairings external to the organization
  • Access to advanced Command Center service
  • Health Check – scheduled report service showing the usage and performance of all customers TVU Transmitters.
  • Active Monitoring service – builds upon Health Check by tracking real time events within the customers’ TVU infrastructure and can send custom alerts based upon user selected events.
  • Software maintenance:
    • Version updates: software updates within a Platform version provided regularly to address software bugs and general improvements.
    • Platform upgrades: major software platform upgrades that add new features.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

All new and refurbished TVU equipment comes with one year of original manufacturer’s warranty from the delivery date.

Extended Warranty

A TVU Extended Warranty provided under the Support+Warranty Plan extends the original Manufacturer’s Warranty beyond the initial 12 months for a specific period of time, provided there is no lapse or gap in warranty coverage.


How to Contact Us

Our Global Customer Success operations follow the sun with USA covering 14 hours each day and Asia 12 hours.

Dedicated 24 hours x 365 days per year.

Phone: +1 650 440 4812


Skype: skype.tvupack

Localized support numbers are available in these countries: