How to use TVU One Wired Remote Control

Use the USB-based TVU One Wired Remote Control device to trigger Start Live and Stop Live from a TVU One transmitter.

How to use the TVU Command Center mobile App. For iOS

TVU Command Center allows you to monitor and control all your TVU solutions from a cloud-based centralized platform. Now, with the TVU CC App, you can do it from your iPhone. Learn how here:

How to use Split Screen or Picture-by-Picture (PBP) with TVU Anywhere app.

Use a device with Dual camera feature to simultaneously use front and rear cameras on the TVU Anywhere app. It enables the Split Screen mode, also called Picture-by-Picture (PBP), as well as the Picture-in-Picture mode (PIP).

How to use Return Video Feedback (VFB) with the new TVU Anywhere user interface.

Use VFB to initiate a return video feedback from a remote source on the TVU Anywhere app.

How to use TVU One Progressive Download mode

When recording, TVU One Progressive download allows you to transfer encoded high-quality CBR content to the producing studio quickly.

How to add a TVU One source into TVU Producer

How to add a TVU One source

How to add a TVU Anywhere app source into TVU Producer

Capture video on your phone with our TVU Anywhere free app and automatically synchronize it along with your other video sources with our remote production solution, TVU Producer.