TVU One Enables China Broadcaster to Cover Historic Return of Spacecraft

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – September 16, 2021 – On Friday, China’s CC TV and the Xinhua News Agency showed the world the safe return of the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft and its three-member crew to the Gobi Desert using the TVU One transmitter backpack and Apstar-6D high-throughput satellite link.

The video was broadcast from the Gobi desert in the desolite Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and chronicled the conclusion of a historic mission to China’s new space station. Taikonauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo began their mission June 16, becoming the first manned crew to dock with China’s Tianhe (Harmony of the Heavens) space station.

News photographers from the Chinese broadcaster and news agency successfully captured and contributed footage of the landing. Footage was streamed via the satellite link from the TVU One transmitter to Beijing. The broadcaster then published video to the world.

The landing not only proved to be a success for China’s Space Agency, but also demonstrated the reliability of TVU One in supporting successful contribution of IP streamed video via satellite as an alternative to more elaborate and costly SNG alternatives.

Let’s face it, live broadcasts from China can be tricky. Even with the right gear, without the right SIM cards and services the experience needed simply won’t happen. Many broadcasters visiting China find this out the hard way. TVU is uniquely experienced in China and can help broadcasters from any part of the world plan and execute flawlessly there or anywhere. With the Winter Olympics right around the corner, there is too much riding on getting live right to risk it going wrong, TVU offers proven and reliable service anywhere in the world.


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