Thomas & Uber Cup 2024

TVU Networks Supports Sichuan TV  in Achieving Remote Production and Public Signal Distribution for the Thomas & Uber Cup 2024

TVU One and TVU Grid Provide Critical Support for Sichuan TV's Live Broadcast of the Thomas & Uber Cup 2024.

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From April 27 to May 5, the highly anticipated TotalEnergies Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2024 took place at the Chengdu High-Tech Sports Center. The Thomas Cup and Uber Cup, along with the Sudirman Cup, are regarded as the top three events of the Badminton World Federation (BWF). Notably, the Thomas & Uber Cup 2024 in Chengdu marks the fourth time this prestigious badminton event has been held in mainland China and the first time it has been hosted in the western region. Since its inception 76 years ago, the Thomas Cup has become one of the most celebrated events in the badminton world. As the most significant international badminton competition leading up to the 2024 Paris Summer Games, the slogan “Badminton World Shines in Chengdu” once again ignited the passion of badminton fans worldwide, drawing global attention.

In this event, Sichuan TV undertook the crucial task of broadcasting, completing the remote production of numerous public signal broadcasts. To ensure high-quality live broadcasts, Sichuan TV conducted extensive comparative testing during the preparation period, ultimately selecting TVU’s live broadcast solution for signal transmission and multi-location distribution. This solution, centered around the TVU One backpack and the TVU Grid IP distribution system, provided robust technical support for the successful broadcast of the event.

Sichuan TV meticulously deployed multiple TVU One backpacks across the various venues of the Thomas & Uber Cup. These backpacks transmitted high-quality live video and audio feeds from the field back to the TVU servers at Sichuan TV’s studio center. After efficient decoding and restoration, the professional production team handled switching, mixing, and graphic packaging of the live feeds. Finally, the finished public signal was distributed in real-time to all rights-holding media via the TVU Grid IP distribution system, allowing global audiences to simultaneously enjoy every thrilling match of the Thomas & Uber Cup.

During the live broadcasts of this event, TVU’s solution consistently demonstrated its exceptional performance. Firstly, the portability of the TVU One backpack significantly enhanced the flexibility of live camera setups, enabling the staff to adeptly manage the complex live broadcast environments within the venues. Additionally, thanks to TVU’s patented IS+ protocol and unique algorithms, combined with advanced video processing technologies such as HEVC intelligent dynamic encoding and FEC forward error correction, the TVU One achieved high-quality, ultra-low latency audio and video transmission under various challenging network conditions. Furthermore, with the application of TVU’s Time Lock precise time synchronization technology, all TVU One units achieved frame synchronization of output signals and audio-visual synchronization between different signals, providing viewers with a smooth, realistic live viewing experience that enhanced the sense of presence.

Secondly, TVU Grid, an IP-based point-to-multipoint real-time video distribution system, completed the scheduling of broadcast-quality audio and video signals with just an internet connection. Its performance rivals that of traditional SDI-based distribution systems while maintaining extremely low latency and superior cost-effectiveness. In this live broadcast, the stability and efficient distribution capabilities of the TVU Grid system ensured the reliable transmission of public signals to more than a dozen media nodes.

The collaboration between Sichuan TV and TVU in the 2024 Thomas & Uber Cup live broadcast showcased a perfect integration of technology and sports. The TVU solution not only strongly supported Sichuan TV in achieving efficient multi-camera remote production but also instantaneously delivered every exciting moment of this badminton feast to audiences worldwide.


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