TVU Networks Collaborates with the German Football League and Viaplay on First-Ever 5G Live Transmission at the 2023 Supercup

DFL successfully executed a seamless 5G live broadcast from the heart of the FC Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena, even amidst the roar of over 75.000 fans, during the 2023 German Supercup.

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video credits: DFL 

Barcelona, Spain- October 26, 2023 – The German Football League (Deutsche Fußball Liga / DFL) has broken new ground, ushering in a revolutionary approach to sports broadcasting. Teaming up with TVU Networks, the DFL successfully executed a seamless 5G live broadcast from the heart of the FC Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena, even amidst the roar of over 75.000 fans, during the 2023 German Supercup. And what’s remarkable? All this was achieved without the traditional satellite truck setup.

In partnership with Viaplay, DFL subsidiary Sportcast, and TVN, the DFL demonstrated the full prowess of TVU Networks’ cutting-edge technology. The TVU One live video transmitter was deployed to harness the unprecedented speed and reliability of 5G networks, provided by Deutsche Telekom. This empowered the Viaplay crew to venture around the stadium, from the locker rooms to the pitch, capturing exhilarating moments and offering unparalleled viewing angles.

Mobile-transmission sports broadcasting often faces the challenge of maintaining high-quality transmission, especially in jam-packed settings where the network is highly saturated. However, with TVU Networks’ patented TVU ISX transmission algorithm, optimized for peak performance, and the use of priority 5G networks, this daunting challenge was turned into an opportunity. The prioritized 5G SIM cards within the TVU One ensured the highest level of transmission security on an international scale, ensuring that broadcasts from the heart-pounding moments of the match, with every pass, goal, and tackle, were transmitted without a hitch.

The DFL’s landmark test at the 2023 Supercup marked an important milestone in the evolution of media production. It proved to be an important stride towards the broader application of 5G technology in the world of sports broadcasting, setting a new benchmark for the industry and showcasing the vast potential and versatility of 5G networks in reshaping the way we view live sports.


                                                        (Image Source: DFL)                                                                       (Image Source: Viaplay)

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