Hybrid routing, on premise and cloud broadcast, unlimited input and output, any video format

TVU Networks announces general availability of TVU MediaHub™

An anything-in anything-out hybrid video router with unlimited scalability.

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TVU Networks, a global pioneer in cloud and IP-based live video technologies, has today unveiled TVU MediaHub™, their latest ground-breaking solution. This cloud-driven platform is poised to transform the broadcast industry with its unmatched versatility and efficiency in managing video signals in both IP and SDI environments.

Marking a departure from traditional hardware-dependent routers, TVU MediaHub™ introduces a new broadcasting paradigm. Its cloud-centric and hybrid architecture supports limitless inputs and outputs, effortlessly managing intricate signal matrices in both SDI and IP formats. This advancement signifies a major shift towards cloud-based digital media workflows, enhancing the quality and efficiency of broadcasting.

Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks, explains, “TVU MediaHub is born from our collaboration with over 4000 leading media companies globally. As the demand for IP-based input and output sources grows, so does the complexity of managing increasing numbers of decoders and encoders. TVU MediaHub™ offers an innovative approach to handling, processing, and routing these signals. We’re thrilled to now offer this solution to a wider audience.”

TVU MediaHub™’s standout features include:

  • Versatile Input/Output Capability: Accepts various input formats ranging from SDI, NDI, SRT, TVU Grid, to YouTube, and more. It can scale and direct outputs to multiple destinations in formats like RTMP, HLS, TVU Grid, Facebook, etc.
  • Hybrid and Unlimited Scalability: Utilizes resources on-premise in data centers, or in the cloud, with TVU providing additional resources as needed.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Object-oriented visual UI allows effortless operation without specialized training.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Managed resources are available at $8.75/core monthly, with on-demand resources charged per minute during signal routing.

Additionally, TVU MediaHub is a key component of TVU Networks’ extensive broadcast ecosystem, integrating AI-powered ingestion, advanced graphics, and streamlined live production and ad management tools. This comprehensive approach tackles a wide range of media supply chain challenges, offering an integrated, powerful broadcasting solution.

“TVU MediaHub is more than a routing tool; it’s a portal to endless broadcasting possibilities,” says Paul Shen. “We’re eager to see how this platform will enable content creators and broadcasters to innovate and engage their audiences in novel, exciting ways.”

For more details on TVU MediaHub or to arrange a demo, visit:  https://www.tvunetworks.com/products/tvu-mediahub-cloud-router/

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