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Massive Engagement Uplift: Saudi Sports Company’s (SSC) utilization of TVU Networks Live Broadcast Technologies Pays Off

With a staggering growth in fan engagement, SSC's strategy to enhance Saudi Sports' broadcast and audience reach shines.

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Embracing innovation at every turn, the Saudi Sports Company (SSC) is setting a new standard in sports broadcasting, significantly expanding its global footprint.

With strategic investments aimed at harnessing the latest in broadcast technology, alongside the kingdom’s broader efforts in attracting top-tier talent and upgrading sports infrastructure, SSC is not just aiming to enhance its domestic appeal but to position the Saudi Pro League among the elite top 10 leagues worldwide.

Central to this ambitious strategy is the partnership with TVU Networks and MEBS, whose state-of-the-art live commentary platform now brings the thrill of the game to an international audience in a multitude of languages, promising an unprecedented level of fan engagement.

The transformative power of TVU Networks’ Remote Commentator is reshaping the way the Saudi Sports Company (SSC) approaches live sports broadcasting. By adding the ability to do remote commentary into its production tools, SSC has unlocked a new realm of production scalability and cost efficiency. The addition of TVU’s cloud platform has eliminated the logistical hurdles and environmental impact associated with travel and accommodation, enabling seamless coverage of the Saudi Pro League’s season in a diverse array of languages.

“Bringing together the best commentators from across the globe onto one platform, we’ve been able to enrich the viewing experience with expert insights and a depth of analysis that truly brings the game closer to the fans,” said Amill Lone, CEO at SSC. 

The partnership between the Saudi Sports Company (SSC) and TVU Networks has already yielded remarkable results. TVU’s Remote Commentator feature has played a significant role in expanding the league’s global audience by enhancing accessibility through multi-language commentators.


Delving into the technology that fueled these milestones, Nader Mokhtar, Director of MCR/Broadcast and STB Technology at MBC, highlights the pivotal role of TVU Networks: ‘Our partnership has been a game-changer. The Remote Commentator solution, surpassing all expectations, delivers close to real-time, perfectly synchronized commentaries with glass-to-glass latency faster than any other solutions, all without extra infrastructure. This efficiency has been key to scaling our operations”.

Highlighting the partnership aspect, Nader Mokhtar praised TVU Networks’ commitment to customer support, likening it to an extension of their own team but with the advantage of 24/7 availability. “The support from TVU Networks and MEBS has been unparalleled. Their team is essentially an extension of ours, always on hand to ensure our broadcasts run seamlessly, allowing us to focus on our core mission: producing more sports events and continuously raising the bar for the Saudi Sports League and the broader sphere of global sports broadcasting.”

Through its forward-thinking approach and partnership with TVU Networks, SSC is not only elevating the Saudi Pro League’s broadcast quality and global appeal but also setting a precedent for the future of sports broadcasting worldwide.


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