Remote Radio: TVU Networks on NRJ’s morning show.

At NRJ Radio, they have been working on the idea of creating France's first morning show for music radio stations from a traveling bus since last year... As of June 2023, they have achieved this goal thanks to TVU Networks and Magic Hour!

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BARCELONA – June 30, 2023 – TVU Networks, and their partner Magic Hour break away from conventional video transmission methods to provide a flawless signal for NRJ’s 6/10 show hosted by Manu Lévy, all from a mobile electric bus adorned in the colors of France’s leading music radio station.

We are familiar with TVU’s solutions for their IP video contribution signals over 4G and 5G networks, and now we know them for simplifying a potentially complex radio operation. While conducting a broadcast with an off-site studio is common using specialized connections, the scale of the operation changes when the entire studio goes live while on the move. At NRJ, they have been working on the idea of creating France’s first morning show for music radio stations from a traveling bus since last year… As of June 2023, they have achieved this goal!

“In November 2022, we began searching for a solution to establish an IP data link between our main control room in Paris and the morning show studio of Manu Lévy, which was planned to be installed in a traveling electric bus that would roam the streets of major French cities from the 5th to the 9th of June,” says Philippe Le Quéré, Head of External Operations at NRJ Audio. Since a satellite connection was ruled out due to excessive latency for a “punchy live radio show like NRJ’s 6/10,” Philippe Le Quéré turned to experienced broadcast colleagues familiar with TVU Networks solutions to find an IP transmission solution that would meet their requirements.


A robust and tested connection

With a fixed presentation at the Magic Hour premises, the Head of External Operations at NRJ Audio initially aimed to conduct mobility tests for both signal robustness and latency. “The first trial met the requirements of our specifications, with latency measurements around 600 milliseconds on 5G in the streets of Paris,” he explains. “We then presented our technical choice to Manu Lévy, who confirmed the effectiveness of the setup during a second series of simulated animation tests.”

Once these tests were successfully validated, the “Bus Manu” operation was set in motion, with the radio station tasked with finding the ideal electric bus to accommodate the mobile studio. “We chose a public transport bus from the German brand MAM Trucks & Bus, primarily for its exceptional autonomy and the ability to power our equipment from its batteries,” Philippe Le Quéré continues. “The studio was integrated into the center of the specially approved vehicle, including a raised floor, table, microphones, screens, and five seating places, with Manu situated at one end.”

The rear section of the bus was reserved for the sound control room, a mini video control room dedicated to social media networks, and technical racks that housed the TVU 2U Rack Router with redundant power supply. The router rack was equipped with six 5G modems, with antennas fixed on the roof. Additionally, a spare connection was provided by a TVU One hybrid pack configured in router mode, equipped with four 4G modems and five 5G modems.

“In addition to low latency, signal robustness was crucial to ensure the success of the operation. It involved establishing a permanent connection between a fully mobile studio and NRJ’s network in Paris, including the computerized telephone system for taking callers on air, managing the show’s host, and providing smooth on-air transmission. The stable bandwidth provided by the TVU signal was essential in all circumstances,” explains the Head of External Operations at NRJ Audio. From Bordeaux to Toulouse, passing through Montpellier, Lyon, and Paris, “without a single glitch, the TVU signal contributed to the technical success of our deployment,” he concludes.

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