TVU Remote Commentator Platform Enables Live, Remote Sports Commentary Over IP for Mediacorp at the 31st Southeast Asian Games

First TVU Remote Commentator Deployment in Asia Pacific Region at Live Matches of SEA Games 2022

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA May 26, 2022 TVU Networks, the market and technology leader in cloud and IP-based live video solutions, announced the first high-profile deployment of its TVU Remote Commentator cloud-based remote commentary platform in the Asia Pacific region. As the official sponsor of the 31st Southeast Asian Games and the technical partner of Mediacorp,  Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network, TVU provided the solution,TVU Remote Commentator, to  enable live, remote commentary with announcers in different countries, synchronized to furnish a natural, conversational affect.

At the SEA Games, the TVU Remote Commentator proved the ideal cloud platform for collaboration of multiple commentators in multiple remote locations on a single production. 

For the Philippines vs. Timor-Leste men’s football match, for instance, Mediacorp created a live conversation between commentators at the IBC in Hanoi and in Singapore. Using TVU Remote Commentator, each announcer was able to see the live game video, hear each other’s commentary, and hear audio from the stadium – all live and in sync. The result was a discussion that was as easy and natural as if they’d been together at the event.

Commentators conducted remote commentator from Sydney using TVU Remote Commentator for several events, including the Women’s Synchro 10m Platform and Men’s Tanding.

“This is our first time using TVU Remote Commentator,” said JunJie Lee, Jun Jie Lee, Senior Cameraman, Mediacorp. “It’s quite stable and user friendly. ”

Image caption: TVU Remote Commentator solution schema for Mediacorp

TVU TimeLock auto sync technology ensured that the audio and video of all commentators were synced with the main video feed, regardless of network latency or distance from the event. TVU Timelock provides wireless, untethered remote production. 

TVU’s web-based audio mixer allowed audio operators to manage all commentator feeds with level control, recording, mute/unmute, and audio channel mapping for outputs. Localized commentary feeds could be routed to separate audio channels, or separate outputs could be created for each channel. Beyond live productions, TVU Remote Commentator can also be used to upload files for recorded voice overs.

“TVU’s deployment of IP media infrastructure at the Southeast Asia Games proves that cloud-based workflows are the new standard for large-scale, global live events, “ said Liming Fu, VP for APAC Sales of TVU Networks. “The TVU ecosystem provides the high quality of traditional broadcast, with the flexibility of infrastructure-free, cloud-based broadcasting over the public internet. Our easy-to-deploy, SaaS modular solutions like TVU Remote Commentator create additional enhancements, delivering not just broadcast-quality audio but also language-independent channels for localized coverage – even when the event and commentators are in different places of the world.”

Image caption: The production staff of  Mediacorp used TVU’s web-based audio mixer for multi-side remote commentating via TVU Remote Commentator