NAB 2023: TVU Networks Shines Light on Rapid Response through DevOps Process, Enabling Next-Level Customer Support

Continuous Customer Feedback and an Agile Modular Design Approach Create Solutions that Address Immediate Challenges

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – March 27, 2023 – TVU Networks, a leader in cloud-based workflow solutions for content creation and distribution, will demonstrate how its established DevOps process allows for the immediate implementation of customer feedback into product design at NAB 2023. The company’s DevOps approach combines continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD), infrastructure as code, monitoring and logging, and agile methodologies to facilitate collaboration and continuous delivery between development and operations teams. This approach has helped TVU Networks deliver cutting-edge technology and on-demand services to content creators faster and more efficiently.

“For us, DevOps is more than a technical concept. It’s a way of enabling our customers to explore new possibilities and unleash their creativity with our solutions,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “We embraced this process after COVID challenged broadcasters to adapt their production infrastructure and workflows. With DevOps, we collaborate closely with the customer’s production and operation team. Together we enhance the workflow and provide accompanying services in realtime, without disrupting ongoing production.”

TVU does not follow a fixed schedule for product releases, but rather continuously integrates and delivers new products and features throughout the year. In 2022, TVU Networks introduced over 130 releases and several new hardware products and cloud services across its cloud and IP-based solutions. Some of the new product releases were TVU RPS (Remote Production System) Link Encoder, which enables multi-channel REMI production over 5G; TVU Channel Plus, a cloud-native playout service with built-in ad sales support; and a cloud-native TVU Replay that allows officials to review play instantly during games and producers to include that live video in their coverage.

“Our Solutions team at TVU collaborates and partners with customers directly,” added Shen. “We’re routinely in close contact with our customers so we can solve issues as they arise and identify new business opportunities as they emerge.”

A recent example of this in action is the TVU Networks and The Blaze Media collaboration. The Blaze is a 24/7 user of TVU’s cloud-native playout solution, TVU Channel, and TVU Search, an AI-based search engine. “Those cloud products are integrated with TVU video hardware encoders,” said Rob Chickering, SVP Studio Operations and Engineering, The Blaze Media. “Not only did we save a great deal of money moving to cloud services, but we’ve gained flexibility in our programming that we did not have with our previous system. The feature sets in TVU Search and TVU Channel have allowed us to be more efficient and flexible with our media usage in playout and social media.”

“Executives from The Blaze told us their pain points, and we listened,” explained Shen. “Their input was invaluable, particularly in the creation of TVU Channel. We started out with the problem statement: ‘Let’s make playout and master control so easy that if you can operate Outlook or a Google Calendar, you can run master control and playout. Furthermore, we continuously work with the team from The Blaze in improving the workflow and adding automation features, while the channel is running.”

Chickering also valued the input his team was given in developing the platform: “Working with TVU has been a dream. When I had my initial call with them I realized that they have the team in place to create a product to fit the needs of the client. I saw that I wasn’t just buying hardware codecs, I was joining a space where all are committed to making the product better for the user. Throughout the testing process, I offered product feature suggestions and was happy to see them in the next revs of the platform.”

TVU has developed a large collection of video/audio/graphics related microservices, as well, and also integrated with a wide range of micro services from its partners in its environment. With its experienced solution team, TVU is able to assist its customers in the Media and Entertainment Industry transforming the media landscape.

TVU Networks will exhibit in the West Hall during the 2023 NAB Show (#W1821).

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