GDTV's live coverage of the Yangchun Jilongding Azalea Trail Race powered by TVU live solutions

GDTV’s live coverage of the Yangchun Jilongding Azalea Trail Race powered by TVU live solutions

GDTV's live coverage of the Yangchun Jilongding Azalea Trail Race powered by TVU live solutions

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On April 27, 2024, the Yangchun Jilongding Azalea Trail Running Race commenced at Huangjiang Primary School in Shuangjiao Town, Yangchun City, Guangdong province, China. This event, featuring both 50 km and 30 km races, attracted over 1,400 trail running enthusiasts who navigated the picturesque mountain trails of Jilongding, amidst the early summer beauty and blooming azaleas of southwestern Guangdong. Guangdong Radio and Television Station (GDTV), a renowned broadcaster with a history of excellence, was entrusted with delivering a live broadcast of this spectacular event. Utilizing the advanced TVU One broadcasting solutions, GDTV successfully provided viewers with an immersive and high-quality viewing experience.

Yangchun Jilongding Azalea Trail Race Powered covered by GDTV and TVU Live Solutions

Recognized for its expertise in live sports broadcasting and honored with the 2019 Excellent Award for Public Signal Production at the Orienteering World Cup by the China Film and Television Technology Society, GDTV was the perfect choice to capture this adventure of nature and camaraderie. Drawing on their previous successes, GDTV once again turned to the reliable TVU One backpacks. This was a pivotal decision to ensure seamless transmission of diverse signals from various points along the racecourse.

Throughout the event, whether at the bustling start line, navigating the complex signal environments of the mountain trails, or during the rapid movements captured by the camera crew, the TVU One delivered consistently high-quality footage. This remarkable performance can be attributed to TVU’s patented IS+ multi-network aggregation protocol, unique algorithms, HEVC intelligent dynamic encoding, and FEC forward error correction technologies. These innovations ensure the transmission of broadcast-quality audio and video signals with minimal latency, even under challenging network conditions.

Moreover, the TVU One’s portability, weatherproofing, shock resistance, and 4.5-hour battery life made it ideally suited for the race’s demanding conditions. Its user-friendly “one-button live” operation, support for two-way VoIP, Tally, video return, and other production collaboration features, alongside its ergonomic design, made it the perfect choice for outdoor mobile broadcasting, allowing for flexible deployment and ease of use.

Thanks to the exceptional performance of TVU One, GDTV was able to capture every thrilling moment of the Yangchun Jilongding Azalea Trail Running Race, successfully executing a complex multi-camera mobile broadcast in a challenging mountain environment. This achievement reaffirms GDTV’s status as a leader in live sports broadcasting. As we look forward to more exciting live content, Guangdong TV’s collaboration with TVU Broadcasting Solutions continues to set the standard for high-quality, innovative broadcasting in the industry.