Reeling in the Crowds: 2023 Mercury Boat Fishing Finale Makes History with Cloud Sports Production, 100,000 viewers catch the action

The most anticipated edition of the French Boat Fishing Championships has been marked by a historic first in the world of sport fishing.

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Paris, France – March 14, 2024 – The most anticipated edition of the French Boat Fishing Championships has been marked by a historic first. The Mercury Fishing Cup chose to use TVU Producer, a live video production platform, and TVU Anywhere, a live video streaming mobile app, to broadcast the final of this major event live for the first time, spanning a duration of six hours. The broadcast received more than 100,000 views between the Facebook page Mercury Marine and the YouTube account PecheurCom.

The finale took place on the scenic Seine in Paris where competitors were given a challenging 27-kilometre stretch to showcase their skills. The world class anglers weren’t the only ones facing difficulties. The production crew was tasked with working in areas with limited 4G coverage, including the starting zone known for its weak signal.

The team turned to TVU Anywhere with a dual Orange + Bouygues connection via a standalone router’s Wi-Fi. The mobile application was able to bond together the Wi-Fi and the cell signal to overcome the harsh network conditions. The broadcast was streamed in HD 720p using HEVC compression to optimise bandwidth and ensure a seamless viewer experience. 

The use of TVU’s Cloud solutions also allowed for a more technically advanced setup which included on-board cameramen for the top four competitors, a duplex on a partner boat, an ambient camera on another partner boat, a drone, and two fixed cameras, all orchestrated to deliver continuous live coverage throughout the event.

This setup demonstrated the organisers’ ability to overcome connectivity challenges with minimal investment, transforming available resources into a professional broadcasting studio.

“The use of TVU Producer and TVU Anywhere was instrumental in bringing the live broadcast of the Mercury Fishing Cup 2023 championship final to our audience directly from the boats. Their innovative technology enabled us to navigate through the connectivity challenges, providing an immersive and captivating experience for fishing enthusiasts worldwide,” said Geoffray Juillard, the event director.

This finale, made possible at a fraction of the conventional cost, signifies a stride forward for the sporting event broadcasting industry, particularly for the fishing community.

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