Unlock the full potential of SMPTE 2110 with a powerful rack unit engineered to encode, decode, monitor, manage, and distribute 4K content swiftly and with minimal latency.

Compatible with the widest range of industry standards, IP and cloud workflows. Maximum versatility.

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With TVU's SMPTE 2110 transceiver, you can stay ahead in the dynamic media landscape without the burden of heavy hardware costs. Transitioning to IP workflows leverages your current infrastructure, while SMPTE 2110's autonomous media streams ensure seamless adaptation to emerging resolutions, frame rates, and audio formats. Scalability across the board.

Next-level quality that captivates viewers

Harnessing SMPTE 2110 capabilities for uncompressed streaming, our TVU transceiver supports UHD and HDR over IP for stunning visuals. As well as Dolby Atmos for an immersive audio experience.
Our ISx technology takes it one step further, guaranteeing minimal latency on the ultimate viewing experience.

4k quality and low latency

Unbeatable redundancy

Built with redundancy in mind and fully compatible with ST2022-7 standards, TVU Server ensures seamless protection switching. Even in the face of unexpected challenges, you can always trust your broadcast will remain running smoothly.

TVU Server SMPTE redundancy

Always in control

Our user-friendly interface provides comprehensive control and monitoring of live transmissions. Including tools like easy source selection, full-frame rate transmission monitoring, file operations management, and more. Control all your devices through our IFB Talkback system, or from your own operating system through NMOS.

Full control on live feeds

Increase efficiency with smart data

The TVU SMPTE 2110 server supports an extensive range of ancillary data formats, empowering you to enrich both your content and operations. TVU AI integrations enhance your metadata, saving your team valuable time through automated content management and synchronization.

ad insertion scmpte server


Cue events and monetize with automatic ad insertion.

scmpte server closed captioning

Closed captions

Optionally, save time with AI based closed-captions in multiple languages.

scmpte server timecode


Ensure automatic frame-accurate sync of multiple transmissions using TVU TimeLock function


Seamless interoperability across all workflow types

SMPTE Server workflow

Along with SMPTE 2110, the TVU Server efficiently encodes and decodes any input/output formats, ensuring your production excels in any setting. Accommodating up to 4 simultaneous channels, it enables easy routing and distribution over IP and cloud for live production and playout.

Connect with our experts to explore more about how it can improve your existing workflows.

Be everywhere with TVU Cloud

TVU Transceiver is the gateway to the award-winning TVU Grid and TVU Cloud EcoSystem, where IP content is automatically routed, ingested, tagged, captioned and distributed within your networks for live production and playout in the cloud.

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