Nano Router

TVU Nano router - 5G ready

TVU Nano mini-router aggregates and maximizes up to 6 channels of bandwidth, including 3 5G cellular networks, wi-fi and ethernet.

Rent or purchase
Professional 5G video transmitter

Portable, powerful, affordable.

A portable wireless router and affordable model. Ideal for file transfer and streaming live videos, browsing the web or using any IP-connected device or service.

• 3 × 5G internal modems
• CPU power 200Mpbs+  
• Internal battery working time: 3.5 hours(standby 5.5 hours)
• Internal dual 1G Ethernet(1*WAN+1*LAN,configable)
• 1 USB extension port (Ethernet, 5G Modem, GPS)
• External 5G WI-FI antenna(SMA interface)
• Metal chasis, high reliability
• Vehicle 1RU rackmount optional accessory (Tray+ IP67 5G antenna) Portable case

Unmatched bandwidth with IS+

Our embedded, patented IS+ technology aggregates multiple communication links including 4G, 5G, LTE, cable, satellite, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi to guarantee the highest bandwidth reliability under unreliable and extreme network environments.

The only thing even close was our last IS technology. IS+ is generations ahead of any other cellular bonding solution.

Highest performance for multiple applications

TVU Router for broadcasting production

Uninterrupted broadcast transmissions

Portable and robust, TVU Nano ensures high-speed transfers of files from the field, such as stories shot and edited on location.

It offers broadcasters the highest level of stability for smooth and interruption-free transmissions from anywhere in the world.

• ENG camera streaming
• News clips onsite return
• Cloud application access
• Onsite receiver
• Super 5G CPE
• VR/AR live streaming
• Small News truck

Video transmission routers for emergency management, firemen and police stations

Emergency Communication

TVU Nano rugged router offers a reliable high-speed internet access point and network accelerator during disaster management and extreme conditions.

Easy to carry or mount, this router can be deployed rapidly during emergencies, and it performs flawlessly from moving vehicles.

• Router center + Router server local deployment
• High reliability and high security
• Aggregation with Ku, Ka, Bgan,Mesh
• Mother board and integratable SDK
• Mother board and integratable SDK

Portable routers for IOT Internet of things

IoT - Connect all things intellingently

With it's small size, easy set up, and unmatched bandwith, TVU Nano is a cost-effective solution that ensures maximum performance for industrial environments in any location.

• 5G DDN
• Unmaned vehicle, Ship or UAV  
• Medical truck & ambulance