College Sports Live Production
& Broadcast Solutions

Broadcast-quality live coverage for college sporting
events. Enhance your athletic department’s live
production, streaming, and video distribution
for all sporting events in any location.

Athletic departments of any size can start producing
high-quality content and live stream every sporting
event no matter the location.

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Every Sport.
Every Game.
Every Budget.

Easily enable students or staff to broadcast all sports without tech experts or complicated camera setups. With TVU solutions, students can be trained operators in a matter of minutes and gain valuable real life broadcast experience.

College sports live broadcast solutions for every sport

Remote production solutions for college sporting events

Cloud native solution allows operators, commentators, and producers to work from anywhere in the world. Integrate all TVU solutions to cover all areas of live streaming and production in a seamless process from remote locations.

College sports remote production solutions

Simplify. Showcase. Save. Sell.

Remote broadcasting for college sports made simple

Ease of Operation

You can have a broadcast quality production with as little as a cell phone and a tablet. Training can be completed for the first time a user in under an hour.

Increase revenue potential of college sports live broadcasts

Revenue Potential

Single click logo overlay for in-game sponsorship to generate revenue and enhance relationships with existing partners. Your sports viewing can be free or you can easily add a paywall.

Expand college sports brand with remote production solutions

Brand Expansion

Gain national exposure, amplification of the student-athlete experience, and keep alumni connected.

Recruit college sports through live video production


Recruits see teams in action whenever they play, not just the days they visit. Student-athletes get the exposure of broadcast contests boosting their NIL (Name Image Likness) opportunities.

Pro Quality.
Pro Features.

Easily connect multiple cameras, cell phone, tablet, DSLR, etc. for a seamless single broadcast. Add Real-time commentary with commentators from anywhere in the world. Include professional graphics, audio, replays, and more.

College sports video broadcasting Pro Features

Shoutout startup costs. Create in the cloud.

No more costly control rooms. You can eliminate expensive infrastructure and gain more computing power than you could ever have on-site in the cloud.

College sports best live streaming and broadcasting solutions

Student simple broadcast solutions

If students can’t use it quickly it isn’t for you. With TVU solutions, students can be trained operators in a matter of minutes. You get the broadcast quality you are looking for and students are gaining valuable real-life broadcast-standard experience simplified for anyone to use.

College sports remote broadcasting hands on experience

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