View, Manage and Share All Video Content From One Box

TVU MediaMind servers are powerful professional video hardware decoders that are designed for the centralized viewing, controlling and distributing of live video content. The servers can accept multiple video streams from any IP-based video source as well as any TVU Networks video transmitter. Designed to easily integrate with live video workflows, each model provides different features, functions and the option of upgradeability depending upon the specific needs of a video broadcaster.

Key Features:

Robust Features – Each provide an extensive number of hardware and software features and functions that are designed to deliver effective monitoring and control of any and all live video transmissions within a single box. The web-based user interface displays key status indicators such as the data throughput strength of each transmission connection, the line quality and transmission bit-rate of an operating TVU transmitter. Operator controllable features include IFB, GPS tracking of TVU transmitters, retrieval of recorded video from the TVU transmitter, preset transmission modes, full video editing, adding external IP video sources and many others.

Cloud-based Applications – TVU video decoders offers integrated Cloud-based enterprise applications such as TVU Command Center and TVU Alert for video content management.

Unique Smart VBR Technology – If you are unsure about the appropriate preset mode or prefer to have the TVU server set the optimal bit-rate, TVU’s Smart VBR functionality takes out the guess work. Smart VBR enables TVU to adapt quickly and efficiently to extreme fluctuations in bandwidth during live transmissions when selected. The operator only has to set the desired latency for the live shot, and Smart VBR will automatically adjust picture quality based on the available bandwidth.

Powers TVU Grid – The VS3100 and VS3500 servers can power TVU Grid, TVU’s IP video switching, routing and distribution solution. With TVU Grid, a broadcaster can take a live video transmission from one location and share it with any number of Grid enabled stations in the world.

IP Streaming Output – The servers offer an optional feature that allow users to take a live TVU transmission and output it to a third party website or CDN. The live video is encoded into an IP format and can be sent to up to six different remote locations.

Facebook Live – Add optional integration with Facebook Live for live video streaming to the popular social media platform.

Optimized Hardware Configurations – The servers are available as 1RU rack-mount or half-size options as well as units with dual outputs and/or dual power supplies.

Download the TVU VS3100/3500 Datasheet

Download the TVU VS3200/3250 Datasheet