TVU Partyline™ helps Church celebrate 38 year anniversary virtually

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Bread of Life is an Evangelical Christian MegaChurch and a religious organization that started in the Philippines in 1982. They have over 35,0000 members spread across the world. 

On the occasion of their 38th year anniversary on Nov 29th 2020, the church wanted to have a grand celebration. But due to COVID19 most of their members were unable to come and participate in person. The challenge was to connect preachers and members from all across the world virtually in a hassle free way. The Church administration was aware of TVU Networks and approached its local team for support and explore possible remote production solutions.

The TVU Networks team recommended using TVU Partyline™ for members who wanted to participate, praise and worship virtually and be a part of the celebration. In total, approximately 100 members joined through TVU Partyline™

In the church, LED screens were set up so that those members who were physically present could see their fellow members in a safer environment. 

The preachers who spoke live during the event also used TVU Partyline™  with their feeds sent to TVU Receivers so they could be projected to the main LED screen on stage. The preachers were able to interact with the live and virtual audience with sub second latency.

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