NOTICE:TVU Networks shut down service to the TVU Player on February 25,2013.


Why did TVU Networks shut down service to the TVU Player?

For the past five years, the TVU Player television channel platform has been one of the busiest public online streaming platforms available on the Web. The TVU Player was developed to gauge consumer interest in consuming live broadcast content on the Internet.

In addition to the TV channel platform, TVU Networks developed professional live broadcast solutions in the TVUPack family of products. At this time, TVU Networks has decided to primarily focus its attention on supporting and providing innovative solutions to the professional business-to-business broadcast market.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause TVU Player users, and thank you for your support over the years.

When did the shut down take effect?

The TVU Player service will be shut down on Monday, February 25, 2013. After that time, public broadcasts over the TVU Player platform will cease.

Will the desktop or mobile versions of the TVU Player continue to function after the broadcast platform is shut down?

No. Once the TVU television channel platform is shut down, there will no longer be publicly available content on the TVU Player desktop and mobile applications. TVU Networks will continue to offer a separate private broadcasting service for corporations and large organizations looking to deliver live content online.

What Happens Next for TVU Networks?

TVU Networks is a healthy, growing company that continues to provide cutting-edge portable broadcast equipment to customers around the globe. Going forward, TVU Networks will focus on supporting and expanding its TVUPack family of portable cellular uplink solutions and supporting the hundreds of customers around the world that rely on TVUPack to deliver professional live video to their audiences.

Does this impact TVUPack?

No. TVU's decision to shut down the TVU Player service will allow the company to better serve TVUPack customers. For more information on the TVUPack family of solutions, please visit

I broadcast content over the TVU Player platform. Where can I get more information on the service?

We value each of our broadcast partners. For more details about the end of TVU Player service, please email

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