Dedicated live streaming video server - TVU Server

The Dedicated Live Streaming Video Server

TVU Server, a powerful video streaming server built for low latency, speed, efficiency, and adaptability. View live video feeds, manage and share all video content from one unit throughout many different channels.

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Video media server with a user-friendly interface

Monitor and control your transmissions and take them live from a dedicated server in one central location. Adjust resolution, frame-rate and more, while getting real-time transmission rates and live streaming time.

Best streaming server using cloud-based management for data video streaming

Live streaming server complete with cloud-based management

TVU Server integrates with TVU Command Center, TVU Grid, and TVU MediaMind, the AI-based media supply chain management platform. Leveraging TVU's cloud solutions with a cutting-edge high-bandwidth dedicated streaming server provides management and distribution features unlike any other broadcast server throughout the industry.
Dedicated server for streaming using VBR technology for high bandwidth transmissions

Unique Smart VBR technology.

Smart VBR enables TVU Servers to adapt quickly and efficiently to extreme fluctuations in bandwidth during live transmissions. Set the desired latency for the live shot, and Smart VBR will automatically adjust picture quality based on available bandwidth.
Streaming encoder hardware for IP streaming through SDI to remote locations

IP streaming, SDI

Take a live TVU transmission and output it to SDI, a third-party website, or CDN. Live video is encoded into IP format and can be sent to up to six different remote locations.

Facebook Live integration.

Add optional integration with Facebook Live for live video streaming to the popular social media platform.